From: Roland Le Good ( Subject: [PW!] Extremely Hostile Take Over Newsgroups: Date: 2000-09-24 13:23:09 PST Kurt Cray- Extremely hostile takeover PT- 5 Kurt parked outside Chrisı old apartment. ³ Gotta hurry. not much time...² He ran past the door and darted up the stairs, three at a time. As he finally got the right door he banged on it with his fist. Jane hurriedly opened it and pulled Kurt inside. ³ Nice to see you too, whatıs going on?² ³ Christof is worse, I donıt know if heıll survive. Chris wants me to give you these though,² She handed him the gloves and briefly explained how they worked. ³ Ok, Watt right, Beano left. Now what?² ³ Hereıs a hundred dollars, get to Cinnabar and back fast! And I mean fast!² ³ Iıll do what I can, tell Christof to hold on. See you soon...² Kurt turned and ran out of the apartment, slamming the door as he left. Frost stood talking with the booth operator for cycling road. ³ And you say he drove straight through?² ³ Yeah, driving a battered up Ford or something...² ³ Right, thankyou sir,² Frost walked away thinking where Kurtıd be now. ³ Damn, heıll be nearly at Cinnabar... Better call backup now too...² He reached his car and picked up the microphone. ³ Hello PC. Ward the hostages are being executed please send backup to-² Frost cut off officer mid sentence. ³ Not now Ward, more important things. I need a helicopter, get it to Celadon, the roof of the police station ok? Weıre going to Cinnabar after...² Frost turned the mike off. Iım gonna get you now Kurt... Kurt ran to the beach and looked up and down. A ferry would be too slow and there were no motor boats. On his right though, was a tour helicopter. ³ Oh yeah! Go Watt, Iıll need you here...² He opened his right hand and twitched and the centre of the palm glowed red as Watt appeared. ³ Jolt Jolt!² ³ Well thatıs just neat. Ok, weıre gonna take that copter there ok? I need you to look angry and full of zap goddit?² ³ Jolt Jolt,² They ran across the beach, dodging Krabby on the beach and ran up to the helicopter pad. ³ Hey, you here for the tour? All pokemon must be put in their balls sir...² ³ I need to helicopter, so hand me the keys or this sparky critter will fry you...² ³ Jolt!² Watt let out a low growl. ³ O-Ok, just donıt zap me...² The pilot handed him the keys. ³ Thanks... Oh..wait....² Kurt realised he had no idea how to fly a helicopter. ³ Hey, pilot man, get in! Youıre flying to Cinnabar!² The pilot, Watt and Kurt climbed into the Copter. Slowly the blades began to spin and it lifted off the ground, kicking up dust and the Pidgey surrounding the copter flew off faster. Kurt looked back on Fuschia and the long spanning city as they rose higher. He saw all the little people running around below them as the copter started moving off. It went off across the water and all Kurt could see was the massive blue, occasionally broken up by odd Pokemon, just flying over it. The flight was quite short and Kurt was shocked as he looked upon Cinnabar and the Volcano. ³ Ok. Thanks, just land normally, donıt want to attract attention...² ³ I donıt know why you didnıt take the flight normally, the rates are cheap...² ³ Sorry, alot of my friends are dying. I canıt do with the whole tour...² ³ Really? Sorry man,² The pilot landed the copter. ³ Say, dıyou know any sort of military labs or something on this island?² ³ No, but thereıs a map just over there. And good luck with saving your friends...² Kurt grinned and ran off towards the map. ³ What a nice man,² mumbled the pilot. Kurt checked the map and saw a sort of lab on the West side. ³ Ainıt long now,² Kurt began to run, but had no idea what to expect, or even how to get the cure. ³ Stay close Watt, weıre gonna be in deep crap after this...²