From: Foratog5AFTA ( Subject: [PW!] Face The Thing That Should Not Be - Part 2 Newsgroups: Date: 2000-08-27 06:54:40 PST > Jessie was now wondering around the streets of Porta Vista. She tightly > clung onto Vulcan, who was doing the same to her. Electra was walking by her > side. The streets were full with tourists, and Jessie was starting to become > nervous and claustrophobic in the crowd. > > She was desperately looking for a way to get back to Cinnabar Island. Jessie > had looked all over the place for transportation, but she didn't have enough > money to pay for it. She had gone to airports and marinas, but she had no > luck. > > Discouraged, she made her way to the docks. It was filled with small sea > vessels and hoards of tourists. The sun was at the top of the sky, shining > brightly on Jessie. The heat started to get to her, and she started to get > very tired. She collapsed onto a bench. > > "Man," she moaned. "I can't do this..." Foratog5 PokeWars! "Face The Thing That Should Not Be" Part 2 Jessie had laid down across the bench and fallen asleep for a few hours. The humid sun was draining her energy, and she was sweating up a storm. Her beautiful orange hair was now ragged and damp. Electra was soaking her feet in the water, and Vulcan was resting on her hip. Electra looked at Jessie, and desided it was time to wake her up. She ran for a bucket and splashed some water on Jessie's face. Although the water was quite cold, Jessie barely gave any notice to it. She finally woke up and stood up on the bench. She picked Vulcan up into her arms and walked over to an empty shack. There was a mirror inside, and it reflected Jessie's horribly tanned complection. Mumbling a few curse words, she lurched away from the shack and into a random direction. She was still very tired. After taking one sniff of the salt water and decaying fish stench that lurked around the area, she quickly ran over to the edge of the docks and threw up. "Ugh," she whined. Jessie struggled to get back to her feet. She lost her balance and fell into the water. It was only a foot deep where she landed, so her arms were badly hurt in the fall. Her dignity was also damaged, as many people pointed and laughed at her misfortune. She sat back up and started to shake in embarresment. She bit her lip to help hold back the tears. "Would you like any help, madam?" Jessie looked up to her right. An old man was standing in a small motor boat. "Would you like a lift, sweetheart?," he said. "Uh," Jessie replied, "I'd appreciate a ride to Cinnabar Island." "No problem madam!" * * * * * Back at Arcturus's base, the Nemisis, Josh and Arcturus are waiting not so patiently in the main control room. Josh sighed. "I'm getting restless." "Foolish humanoid," Arcturus mumbles. "Why don't you evolve and learn some patience." Josh coughed. "Well," Arcturus said, "I guess it's time to head on out..." * * * * * A rough storm had developed over the waters, and the boat Jessie was riding was in the worst of it. The seas were rough; the waves were rocking the boat on it's side. While the old man was steering the ship, Jessie was laying on a bed, trying to ride out the storm. For a second she thought she saw a large black shadow from out from the corner of her eye, but she just shruged it off. Suddenly, she heard a scream come from outside. She turned around to see the old man leaning against the clear glass door, on the outside. When she opened the door, he lifelessly fell inside the cabin. He was horribly mutilated, and a horrifying facial expression of fear was stuck on his face. Jessie fell to her knees and started screaming repeatedly. Fear started to overcome her. She ran outside, into the raging storm. She took hold of the steering wheel and sped towards Cinnabar. About a half hour later, she had made it to the coast of Cinnabar Island. She randomly ran through the streets of the downtown area, as if she had lost her way. "Where are you Arcturus?!," she yelled. "Show your ugly face, Josh!!" With a crackle of thunder, Josh appeared from an alley. "Welcome to our little game, Jessie." Anger swealed up in Jessie, and she bolted after Josh. She slipped on the wet sidewalk, and fell back first. Josh laughed at her attempt to attack him. "I wouldn't try anything, Jessie". He pulled out a small remote from inside his trenchcoat. "I have the key to Nick's life right here. Try anything, and I'll kill him with a flick of a switch." She remained on her hands and knees, looking down at the ground. Although she hated to, Jessie had to give into him. "Please.. whatever you do, don't hurt him." Josh smirked. "Aw, that's so sweet.." Jessie raised her head and glared at Josh. There was water, blood, and dirt all over her now. Her hair had lost it's brightness; now it was just dull, ugly orange. Jessie started to get to her feat. "No, bitch," Josh said as he kicked her back down. "You stay on all fours like the dog you are." "I'll get you back for what you've done to us.," Jessie struggled to say. "Ehh, yeah, whatever. I've become bored of this." Josh stepped into his car and drove off. After taking a minute to recover from Josh's beating, Jessie managed to stand up. Before she could start to worry about what to do next, she saw a motorcycle with a key left in the ignition. "Hmm." * * * * * Josh was driving across an empty highway when his cellphone rang. "Did you meet up with her?" "Yes," Josh answered. "Did she take the bait?" Josh looked into the rear-view mirror, and saw a red motorcycle catching up to him. "Yes, it worked like a charm." "Good job. If this all works out, you'll be in line for a promotion." "Right boss." Josh hung up the cellphone as he crossed a bridge that led to the large volcano of Cinnabar Island. TBC... -- "Atogy Siggy" Version 4.5 - The Foratog Says Oye