From: ( Subject: [PW!][League] Final match on the SS Anne for the League: Mike vs. Meeko Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/10 Last time, Lewis persuited a man known as Angel. He sensed something dark in his mind, and before he could catch up with him, he lost Angel. Now we break to the final match of the League Games: Mike Threener vs. Meeko! OOC: Because of an upcoming battle between Meeko and Tiki, this happens before Meeko's post "Slowpoking around". "Well, we've got quite a match today! That's right, folks, I'm reporting to you live from the SS Anne, where our final match for the League Games 0-6 slot is commencing! Our challengers are fiesty ones indeed, but also best friends! In the red corner, we have undefeated division champion Mike Threener! In the green corner, we have Meeko, a girl from pallet who's made her way through the games quite difficultly, but managed to get this far! Who will win this final round, and make it to be a Pokemon Master?" the announcer said. The wind breeze hit everyone's face, and the flag guy raised the flags. " Go, Lifesaver!" Meeko shouted. Meeko's Beedrill came out. "Beedrill, I choose you!" Mike shouts. Both Beedrills looked at each other, wondering if this would be a mis- match. "Beedrill, fury attack!" Mike suddenly commands. ( Meeko! I know new attacks! Watch! )" Lifesaver said to Meeko. Beedrill fires out the needles at Lifesaver, who managed to evade them. "Now, try to twinneedle!" Mike said. " Lifesaver, watch out!" Meeko said. Lifesaver suddenly split into three Beedrills! " Come back for a rest!" Meeko said. " ( No, I mustn't fail you! )" Lifesaver replied. "fury attack again!" said Mike. All three speak, " ( I come from a better colony, die under my wrath of Hyper Beam!!!! )" "Don't give up!" Mike said. Beedrill swung down a few needles into a Beedrill, preying.... It was a fake! Suddenly, the REAL Lifesaver swooped in and fired a hyper beam into Beedrill, sending him flying into the trainer's box. "Noooooooo!" Mike shouted, recalling Beedrill. "Beedrill is unable to fight Lifesaver wins the round." the flag guy said. " ( Muhahaha! I am the stronger beedrill! )" Lifesaver said. "I've got a few more tricks up my sleeve yet, madam! It's time for you to start losing!" Mike shouted to Meeko. "Venomoth, go!" Mike shouts. "Psybeam!" Beedrill was unprepared for when Lewis' Venomoth swooped in and fired a psybeam straight into it, frying it. "Lifesaver is unable to battle," said the flag guy. " ( Sorry Meeko...I have....failed you.... )" Lifesaver said. "This round goes to venomoth." the flah guy finished. Mike looked around the crowd on the boat. Everyone was cheering for both sides, wondering who would become victorious in this astounding battle. Previous watchers of Mike's battlews knew that Venomoth's special attack was it's bide. "Venomoth, get ready for whatever comes out at you!" Mike said. " Go....Paris!" Meeko commanded. "Veno?" Venomoth asked, seeing the little Paras come out of its pokeball. "Don't underestimate it!" Mike said, recalling the battle of Lewis vs. Ivysore, and how Meeko's Paras rolled around and was practically incapable of being hit. " Ras!" Paris began to roll around. "Venomoth, just fly up and let it tire itself out!" Mike said. Mike thought and thought. He knew that Paras would not tire itself out, the last battle with it had proven that. An idea flashed in Mike's head. "Hey, I know! Sleep powder the whole arena! If he leaves it'll be an automatic knockout!" Mike commanded. "Moth!" Venomoth replied. The blue powder began to settle onto the field, preparing to put whatever was there to sleep. " Paras!" he yells, as he digs a burrow with his claw, slowly due to not having the TM Dig. "Meeko, now that is just cheating!" Mike shouted as Paris went down into its makeshift dig hole. He's doing it on his own!" She says, sleepily. "Venomoth, just wait it out! He can't stay down there forever!" Mike commanded. "Hey wait, I know!" Mike said, realizing the mistake Paris had made: within the hole, there was only one way out, and that way was his downfall. "Send some sleep powder down the hole!" said Mike. " Razzzzzzzz....." Paris said, falling asleep. "Nice work, Venomoth!" Mike said, cheerfully. "Paras is asleep and is unable to battle, Venomoth wins this round" the flag guy said. "Ha ha! And you didn't have to use your special attack yet, Venomoth!" Mike said, laughing. " Alright then, time to fight Venomoth with someone who won't get hurt by Psybeam! Jigglypuff!!!!" Meeko said. "Argh!" Mike said, gasping as the little pink powderpuff appeared on the field. "Hey wait!" Mike realized. " Sing!" Meeko said. "Sleep powder!" Mike said at practically the same time. Because the two's voices were muddled together, only Jigglypuff heard its trainer's command to sing, and Venomoth could only fear as the song began, and it felt rather tired.... "No, VENOMOTH!!!" Mike said. "Venomoth is unable to battle, Jigglypuff wins!" the flag guy said. "Return..." Mike said, recalling his poor Venomoth. "I refuse to lose so here's my clue, Scyther, I choose you!" Mike shouted in his battle phrase. " Puff?!?!?!?!?!?!" Jigglypuff asked. "Scyth!" Scyther said, looking at the Jigglypuff. Scyther remembered his battle with Sketch, the little Jigglypuff from the first round on the water field. "Double team!" Mike said. " Jigglypuff, Double Slap!" Meeko said. Jigglypuff kept track of the real Scyther as the it began to shimmer and three Scythers appeared, and it slapped the real one. "Scyther, tri-slash!" Mike said. All three Scythers flew in and knocked Jigglypuff down with all thre slashes. "Jigglypuff is unable to fight." the flag guy said. Another light blinked off for Meeko. "Nice work, Scyther!" Mike said. "Go, Tiffany!" Meeko said. "Tiffany?" Mike asked. With a keen backflip, a female Wartortle jumped onto the field. " War." it said. "That Squirtle Lewis gave to her must've evolved!" Mike assumed. " Ice Beam Scyther now!!!" Meeko said. "Quick! Double team again!" Mike gasped. As it glowed, the ice beam hit it dead on, freezing Scyther. "Return!" "Scyther is unable to battle Wartorle wins this round." Meeko puts one hand on her hip and raises the other in victory. "This is risky, but it's my only chance." " Tortle!" "I choose you...." The crowed gaped and held their breaths. "DRAGONITE!" Mike shouted. " Not Dragonite!" Meeko shouted. With an extremely loud roar, Dragonite came onto the boat and fired a hyper beam into the sky. Mike's Dragonite sure knew how to make an entrance. "Hyper beam!" Mike shouts. "War!" Tiffany withdrew into her shell as the hyper beam hit her, making her shell a bit darker but she came out a little stunned. "ARG!" Mike shouts. "Ice beam!" Meeko shouts. Tiffany fired the beam at Dragonite, who was knocked back cold a little, but still stayed up. "You can do it!" Mike shouts. " Ice Beam!" Meeko repeated. "Dragon rage!" Mike shouts. The ice beam hit the rage of Dragonite, which froze solid. Tiffant went around and fired another one, this time hitting Dragonite who was suddenly freezing solid! "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Mike shouts. Suddenly, the frozen body of Dragonite fell onto Tiffany! "Dragonite and Tiffany are both unable to battle, draw! Send out next Pokemon!" the flag guy said. Mike runs over to his fallen companion. " Tiffany!" Meeko shouts, pulling her away. "If she fainted Dragonite," Mike said, staring at Meeko. "I have no chance." he said. TBC(Dont' feel like finishing it now.) -- Author of Lewis, Mike, Bridget, Estro copyright 1999-2000 The sig is short cause it won't fricken let me get bigger. -my AGNP stories