From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] First Teleport, Awww... Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/30 Maria Rocket wrote: > Slowly, Maria peered over Mimic's shoulder. A small group of burnt up thugs > had entered the diner. They were busy talking with Meowth, who was between > shouting and cringing. At one point two familiar heads popped out from behind > the kitchen door, but immediately retreated again. Maria herself however, was > frozen as one of the men turned and looked right at her. > > Instantly, Mimic turned her face and kissed her deeply. Maria melted, though > not literally, and tightened her grip around him, kissing him back > passionately, allowing herself some comfort in the midst of her fears. She felt > Mimic shudder in response, which made her hold him tighter. She thought she > heard footsteps coming closer. > > "Mmmm..." Mimic could more than hear it too. He pushed her almost a little > too hard against the back of the booth, nearly possessing her with his body. > Maria's mouth moved harder against his, wildly letting herself go, her hands > moving up inside the back of his shirt. She was trembling now, though she > couldn't be sure exactly why as she felt the footsteps stop in front of them. > > #Mimic...# "Excuse me." As close as he was to the wall, Mimic saw most of the scene behind him reflected in the polished brass railing on the wall edge of the booth's couch. It was difficult to see who first walked up behind them, but he clearly recognized one of the Rocket goons trying to get past. "I said, *excuse* me, old man. I need to check-" The newcomer waved his hand under the goon's nose. "These are not the Rockets you're looking for." A few blinks - suprise? shock? - later, the goon echoed, "These are not the Rockets we're looking for." "They can go about their business." "You can go about your business." "Move along." "Moving along." The goon moved along, back to the other side of the diner. Meowth watched the goon walk by, noted the expression on his face, then looked to the now-trio. He quickly ducked out of view. "Come." It was only a few quick strides to the kitchen door. The stranger nearly dragged Mimic and Maria the first step, but they were on their feet by the third. Meowth bounded into view, worry written on his face. Mimic wondered if the feline was actually preparing to defend his kitchen, until the same rough hand that shooed off the goon scratched Meowth between the ears, light shining off a somehow familiar ring. "Show me how well you've trained your humans." It was not a suggestion, but neither was it particularly an order. Meowth sprang to the storage closet in one leap, opened it, and yelled inside, "JESSIE! JAMES! RUSH ORDER, NOW!" His order produced results almost instantly: less than two seconds passed before the infamous pair was warming up the grill, but Maria and Mimic were dragged into the closet before they could see what was to be prepared. "Thanks for saving us-" "You run, and you could hide forever. I will have you back in my power eventually, but I *really* hate being in the dark." Giovanni spun to face them, locking one eye each with one of theirs. "You will not come to harm at this moment, *if* you tell me just what has been going on. Some of my best agents say Doppler's dead, others say he's alive - and a few say *you*..." He jabbed a finger at Mimic. "...revived him. And now I hear one of my best agents has gotten pregnant and given birth on an...accelerated time scale, by some measures, but perfectly normal by others. One of my agents even claims the two of you as his parents, though I have reason to believe that agent doesn't really exist." He shook his head. "If writing this up gave me as much power as running Team Rocket does, I could probably become a PokeGod within a month at this rate. But knowledge *is* power. So tell me everything."