From: ( Subject: [PW!][SS Anne] Found Tiki and Mike[ATTN: Tiki and Angel] Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/26 Last time, our hero Lewis rescued Ron and 0 from being thrown overboard on the SS Anne. They met back up with Clan Caterpie 2000, but in between stories, Lewis has lost track of where Angel's gone off to. "Stupid, lousy psychic abilities! You'd think, you'd just think that maybe I'd be able to keep track of a guy who's possesed with some weird demonish thing!" Lewis shouted to himself. Lewis had been searchinf for an hour to find Angel, so that ID would not attempt to take control of Angel again, and that spelled disaster. "It's hard enough to find Angel on my own on a boat the size of the Titanic, but I still can't find Tiki to help remove ID!" Lewis shouted, stopping at the front end of the boat. "I'm right here." a voice said. Lewis turned around. Tiki was sitting in a beach chair. "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW LONG I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU!?!?!?" Lewis shouted. "No. I've been here for hours now." Tiki replied. "And I've been watching you." a voice said from above. The two looked up. Angel was standing on the deck above them. He jumped down and said, "I thought I might as well been bad luck in finding this Tiki person you kept talking about." "Well, this is Tiki and-" Lewis said, interrupted. "Hey!" another voice shouted. The three turned and saw Mike running up. "I'm assuming the ending ceremonies of the League were fun?" Lewis asks. "What do you mean?" asked Tiki. "Mike's won Grand Champion standing in the 0-6 badges column." Lewis explains. "Ah." said Tiki. "Well, I'll explaing everything that's happened to you two." Lewis said. Lewis put two fingers on the side of his head and his eyes glowed a bright blue. Memories of what had happened recently flowed into Tiki and Mike's minds. Memories of the knowledge of ID and how Lewis suggested that Tiki might be able to remove ID. After stopping, Lewis collapsed to the ground, and Angel quickly grabbed him and held him up. "You okay?" Angel asked. Lewis panted and replied, "I've been using too much psychic energy in a short amount of time, I need to rest for a little bit." "Tiki, do you think you could remove ID?" asked Mike. "Hmmm..." Tiki said. OOC: I've had it up to here with the waiting, now, either Angel or Tiki reply, saying either they can or cannot, I have just been getting behind on the stories, and I'd sincerely appreciate someone finally ending this so I can make my plans for the Orange Islands. TBC -- Author of Lewis, Mike, Bridget, Estro copyright 1999-2000 The sig is short cause it won't fricken let me get bigger. -my AGNP stories