From: Jose L. Solano (jsolano199@aol.comlink) Subject: [PW!] From the Depths Newsgroups: Date: 2000-09-03 15:00:59 PST Pokewars: Trent Retwin "From the Depths" Jose L. Solano "Yeah," Trent responded over the headset. "I'm near the control room. Do you have Nicholas?" "Yes, he's safe with me. I'm in the cell." "Alright, good. Go down the hallway opposite of where you came and get into Lynch's bathysphere." "I thought he only had one submarine." "Yeah, so did I, but he has it there waiting for him. Anyway, keep your rifle handy, as soon as you're there some guards might come after you. Anyway, I'd better go, I can hear Lynch from here." Trent moved closer to the door and listened in. "Ah, perfect. All systems operational," Lynch said. "We'll need a test subject. You can come in now, Retwin." "What?" "You can't hide from me, I know you're right outside. Come on in." The doors opened. Lynch as standing behind a console while Dr. Spencer adjusted a few settings on a smaller device. "How did you...?" "Dr. Spencer alerted me. You got here just in time, too. Meet our newest ally..." Ashura was raised out of the floor on an elevated platform. He wore shiny army connected to a ceiling-mounted machine. "What have you done to him?" "All in due time, Retwin." Lynch adjusted his monocle. Not that he needed it, he just wore it for traditional reasons, even if it did make him look like a generic movie villain. "Now then, how about we head to the training room?" Two Scythers appeared through the door, both holding their blades up, within the range of Trent's neck. Lynch and Dr. Spencer began to walk down the hallway, followed by Ashura, Trent and the Scythers. As they entered the training room, several guards in the firing range put their weapons down and moved to the side. Ashura made his way to the center of the large room, followed by Trent. Dr. Spencer handed a remote control to Lynch. "Ah, good, so you did build it. Excellent work, Dr. Spencer. Well, Retwin, this is it. Just you and your Sandslash. We'll see how well under your control he is now!" Lynch pressed a button, but nothing happened. He pressed it a few times before giving up. "Oh, whoops, that's the TV remote. Here's the real one..." Dr. Spencer handed Lynch a somewhat bulkier device. He pressed a button. "Ashura activated," said a mechanical voice through speakers on Ashura's helmet. "Ashura awaits orders." "Ashura, do you remember this man?" Lynch asked. "Ashura remembers this human. Ian Retwin, six foot five inches, one-hundred and seventy pounds. Brown hair, red eyes. Trainer and friend to Ashura. Known aliases: Trent. Known for murderous acts." Lynch quickly pressed a button. "Error. Ashura does not have data on this human. Ashura has confirmed human as enemy. Enemy must be eliminated." "What?!" Trent yelled. "Ashura has identified human as a threat to Mr. Lynch. Ashura must protect Mr. Lynch- Priority One." Ashura lunged at Trent, nearly slashing his head off. "As you can see, Retwin, your Sandslash now obeys my commands and my commands alone." "Ashura must eliminate enemy." "Ashura, no! Why don't you remember me?!" "Ashura must eliminate enemy." Ashura rolled along the floor, tripping Trent. Trent quickly rolled out of the way as Ashura jumped at him. Lynch pressed a few more buttons. "Ashura has recieved an upgrade. Speed has increased by forty percent. Strength has increased by twenty percent. Agility has increased by twelve percent." Ashura pounced on Trent, ready to deliver a blow to the chest, but was kicked off. Ashura rolled as he landed and quickly stood up. "Dammit, Ashura! How can you let him do this to you?!" "Ashura resents vulgar language." "Alright then, Ashura. If you're going to be like this, I have no choice but to kill you." "Ashura does not believe enemy will deactivate Ashura. Enemy will cease functioning before Ashura." Trent quickly kicked Ashura in the head, leaving a large dent on his silver helmet. "Ashura... malfunctioning... shutting down systems." Ashura dropped to the ground. Lynch's eyes were wide open in surprise. Before he could do anything, Trent grabbed him by the throat and took the remote control. In a desperate attempt to free his boss, Dr. Spencer pulled out a pistol, which Trent promptly kicked out of his hands. Trent stuck the remote into a pocket in his trenchcoat and pulled out the pistol he had stolen from Gohan. "What?! How did you hide that?!" Lynch yelled. "Easy, your guards didn't check. You really need to get troops who've passed the sixth grade." Trent put the barrel against Lynch's forehead. "Alright, everyone out or you'll have some cleaning to do." Dr. Spencer and the trainees reluctantly walked out of the training room. Trent pulled the gun away from Lynch's forehead and released him. Lynch could easily get away, but Trent still had the pistol handy. "So, we're about even now, aren't we?" Lynch nervously said. "Even? Hardly. Give me the monocle." "Why do you want my monocle?" "Do it!" Lynch handed his monocle to Trent. Unaccustomed to having both eyes free, Lynch felt more than a little strange. Trent dropped the monocle and stomped it with his foot. "That's done. Now I just want you to do one more thing." "What's that?" "Look into my eyes." Lynch reluctantly looked at Trent's red, evil eyes. Lynch was more than a little uneasy. Withing seconds, Trent's entire eyes became red, as did Lynch's. Lynch flew back as if he had been hit by a charging Tauros. Trent's eyes returned to normal, but Lynch's remained red. "What... what have you done to me?" "The Confusion. Just a trick I picked up from my old... 'boss'. I was going to use it on somebody else, but I think you'll do just fine." "What will happen to me?!" "A quick and very painful death. I've just used your own evil thoughts against you. You'll find out soon enough why it's called Confusion." Trent was a bit weakened from using the technique, but still managed to pick Ashura up and exit the training room. As he took off down the hallway, Lynch began to grow paranoid as he heard whispers of his own voice, quoting him on his past plans. Lynch's vision went black as a sinister laugh filled his head. He staggered around towards the control room, not sure what was going on, as his nerves began to feel excruciating pain that wasn't even there. He reached around, hoping to find something to hold on to, but only manage to press random switches. The base's power was cut off and it had been set to self-destruct.Unable to stand the pain and quickly going insane, Lynch dropped back down to the ground and clutched his own head. With a final scream of agony, Lynch ceased to live. Trent made it to the docking bay and found Lynch's bathysphere. Katherine and Nicholas were already inside. While the bathysphere only had two seats, Katherine held her son in her arms and Ashura lay in Trent's lap. Trent took the controls of the bathysphere and navigated through the water. "How is he?" Trent asked. "What? Oh, Nicky's fine. He just needed his mother." "Are you alright?" "I'm... physically unhurt. Emotionally, I'm not sure. I... I killed Red Speer." "You shouldn't feel bad. You were just trying to protect Nicholas." "I know, but I'll be gone in a few days, and this won't look good on my record." "What, you're afraid you won't be allowed into heaven, Kate?" "Well... yes. I may go to hell, who knows. But that doesn't matter. All that matters is that Nicky is safe." The bathysphere continued in the direction of Cinnibar Island as the Syndicate base exploded, killing every person inside. The ruins slowly drifted into the darkness of the ocean floor. With the base, the Syndicate was finally gone.