From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: [PW!] From the grave to Davey Jones' locker Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/26 #There it is. They were right when they said approaching it would be easy. Have these people no concept of security?# --- On the bridge of the SS Anne... "Sir! Sonar detects an unidentified contact closing in!" --- #A whole shipload of our enemies. Together, far from rescue. Bah, this is a *milk run*!# --- "A herd of tentacruel?" "No, sir. It's metallic and underneath the water. I'd say it's a torpedo of some sort." "Oh, is that all? Ignore it." --- #Steady, now, steady. Of course it's a milk run. You're still getting used to your new body; you need easy missions like this before you can handle things as difficult as you used to. Besides, somebody's got to do this.# --- "IGNORE IT?!?" "Calm down, and that's an order." "Yes, sir." --- The water's surface broke, revealing a slim tube with a quickly rotating drill on its nose. This tube glided through the surface waves with the slipperiness of an eel, kicking up so little wake that nobody saw it close in on the cruise ship dead ahead. The torpedo itself, though, started to scan its target as it closed in. --- "You and I know this ship's going to sink, but give the ship designers *some* credit. A torpedo ain't gonna do us in." --- #They don't seem concerned. Surely someone must know I'm here; I heard those sonar waves. Maybe they've got armor on this side.# The marine missile swerved to one side for a bit, then rode a small wave to launch into the air, passing through the head of one unfortunate passenger as it sailed over the deck... #...# ...and dropping back into the water on the other side, fishtailing and ramming into the ship's side... #What...was that?# ...quickly drilling through the thin outermost hull, no longer guided by its onboard intelligence... #It felt like I passed someone I knew...# ...and making no progress on the layer underneath... #...or should have known...# ...bouncing against the blubber... #Bah! It must be some kind of trick. Psychic armor. Yeah, that must've been...blubber?# ...and backing off a bit to take in the ship's "armor" that formed its second hull, rocked a bit by the massive snoring. #A wall of snorlaxes. They jammed a bunch of sleeping snorlaxes together, close enough to be water tight. The outer hull - and doubtless, another inside - just exist to silence the snores, and supply air to these creatures...they're probably all facing inwards just in case something does breach the hull. No wonder they're not worried about torpedoes. Huh, I wonder if they even care if these pokemon drown when the ship sinks, or what happens when one of them wakes up. Probably not.# With that, Doppler shifted into a starmie, edging his way between the living "armor" and the ship's hull to see what he could do about loosening the wall from the ship. TBC?