From: Roland Le Good ( Subject: [PW!] Getting to know you... Newsgroups: Date: 2000-08-31 11:01:26 PST PW!- Kurt Cray- Part 3. Frost had begun to explain his childhood. " I was a mixed up child, my dad was a drunk alot of the time and my mother had left with some other... chic. I never knew who to talk to so I got into fights alot... But I was good at that, until the school confronted my dad about the fights and I was expelled..." One of the other patients burst into tears. " It's so true, I hear you," " You had the same problem?" Frost was intrigued, maybe these people understood him... ", but I saw it on tv, this little kid and he had this nice little puppy. He lived alone with his puppy on this hill in a quiet house, with a river nearby..." " What the hell does that have to do with me?" " Nothing, I was just thinking about the tv show..." Frost raised an eyebrow. " Well after that I started talking to my dad and then I left for the FBI cadet school..." " I think I've heard what I need to know..." The leader began to speak... **** " Ok, so she was being dragged away by cops. But I didn't want that to happen. Honest Chris, I've not met anyone like her! She just.... I don't know, I just want to be with her..." " Yeah, when I was with Kari..." " Kari?" " This girl, we were going out for ages, it was heaven. She got me into bank robbing, but one day... well we had the cash and were legging it but cops were waiting and...well she was shot..." " No kidding," Chris wished he hadn't started this. " Just get on with the story," " Yeah, well, I drove up their in the car and pulled out my gun, ' Let her go dickhead or I blow you away,' Well the cops put their hands up and she got in. We drove off and she talked about how she robbed banks to help that school. ' Like Robin Hood,' She said. I'm like that to, but I rob from the banks and give to myself... she laughed at that..." " Yeah? Where'd you take her?" " Umm... well that's the thing, the whole town was looking for her, like our problem a couple of weeks ago, so I kinda..." " Kurt, tell me didn't..." " I brought her here..." " What!?" Chris went red. " How!? How could you do that!?" " She needed somewhere to go, I had to," " But, we rob banks!" " So does she!" " Yeah, for drastically different reasons..." " Hey, three is better than two right?" " No! Well, too many cooks spoil the broth!" " But three Porcupines make the holy pricklier!" " Three porcupines do what? Oh nevermind! Three's a crowd!" " Look she's staying! You would have Janet now!" " Kari's dead! I wish I'd never told you!" Kurt realised what Chris was getting at... " She won't die Kurt, we'll be ok," " No! We're strong, because we have no-one to watch out for! I know you're good at what you do, I kick ass too! But I don't know about her..." " Chill dude, we'll try a robbery tomorrow, but now... she's here!" " Erm... hi," Jane came in and sat down. Chris had expected her to be good looking but she really was. " So, you ok, hanging with us two?" " Yeah I guess so, Kurt said you're a nice bloke..." " Well, I'm all that and more..." Chris went on joking. That's Chris for you, he'll joke even when he's dying inside and he may be here... Kurt felt tense and didn't like it, he had to trust Chris, but could he trust him now he'd brought Jane along? **** " So Everyone should focus now, you're walking down the gardenn path and there's a wooden door, go past that door and you'll find a new place! Your place where nothing troubles you. Are you in your happy place Frost?" " Yes!" " Where is it?" " It's a quiet house...on a hill..." " Good, now whenever you feel stressed go to your happy place, ok?" " Yeah! Sure!" " And if I said... Litter?" Frost's face went quickly red. " Grrrr," " Happy place!" Frost face relaxed, he stopped clecnhing his teeth and made his mouth into a smile. " Aaaahhhhh, happy!" " Good! You're ok! You're all ok! Now go, happy, ok people! You don't need me now!" " Thankyou sir, you've really helped me!" Frost said as everyone began to leave. " It's up to you now Frost," The leader grinned as the slowly faded away. "........" Frost was stunned for a minute and wondered if he'd just made the whole thing up. Pretty soon Bobby, one of the patients, appeared at the door. " Hey Frost! Wer're going to get a drink, you comin'?" Frost laughed to himself. " Sorry Bobby, I've got a job to do..."