From: Shard Fields or Megasomething (goola2u@aol.compostheap) Subject: [PW!] Green Around the Gills Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/19 Shard sat at the bar. Dreadite hadn't touched his drink, and Shard refused to touch his until Dreadite had gotten sufficiently drunk to make Shard feel better about his own problems. Shard's drink, however, had no such patience. "MUK!" it shouted, leaping at Shard viciously. "Ack! Muk, cut it out, I'm supposed to be consuming you!" pleaded Shard, to no avail. "You wanna play rough, then? Man O'War, GO!" "Cruel!" shouted the second poisonous blob. Its toxic needles quickly found their way to the Muk's eyes, stunning it. And then, the giant jellyfish took a sip. And then another. "Tenta..." he shrugged before inhaling the rest of the Muk in one gulp and belching loudly. "Man, I'm glad I went fishing," smiled Shard. Dreadite just scowled, first at Shard, then at the hiccuping blue and red (more red than usual, due to the effects of the intoxicating beverage) blob on the floor. Shard just sighed. "Dread, man, if you're gonna live forever, at least live a little. I think that girl's checking you out... Maybe she knows how skilled you are with that big sword of yours?" Shard smiled, hoping Dreadite would think him naive. Dreadite's reflexes were faster than Pain Dance's, shard observed. Well, maybe. "Shoulda had a stopwatch out." A young woman dressed like a gypsy came over to Shard. "I can tell your future in my crystal ball," she said with a phony accent. "Lady," said Shard, "I got about three seconds of future left." "I'd say at least four," she replied. Shard struggled out of Dreadite's grasp, and sat at the stool next to where the young woman had seated herself. "So, babe, what do you see in me?" said Shard, placing money in her palm. "Pardon?" she said, backing away slightly. "I mean my future," clarified Shard, gulping down someone else's drink. "I see a... That drunken squid is ruining my concentration!" Without blinking, Shard recalled his catch of the day. "That's better. I see a man walking away from many others." "A Rocket?" "Yes, yes! A Rocket! A garden... He is cast out there." "Celadon?" "I think... Your future is so hazy... A man and a boy. A metal mantis. A warrior's downfall. Stone turns to water. A blast, an echo... then silence." Shard recognized the last part. This was NOT a genuine fortune teller. "And your name?" he asked with a twisted grin. "Emeralda," she answered. "Don't you mean Esmerelda? No matter, since your real name..." Shard paused here for dramatic effect... "is Green!" Shard ripped off her disguise, as both of them knew full well that everyone wore their normal everyday clothes underneath their disguises. Well, almost everyone, Shard reflected as he and Green both blushed. "Hey!" shouted the barkeep. "This ain't that kind of drinking establishment! You two have your own rooms!" Shard landed on the hallway floor with a deafening THUD!, and was then landed upon by green, holding her gypsy disguise in front of her to conceal what the little clothing she still had on might reveal. "No touching on the first date," she cooed before turning away from Shard. Shard grabbed her shoulder before she could get very far. "Pop quiz. How many pokemon are there?" "151, not counting the four 'unknown pokemon', which are Togepi, Snubble, Donphan, and Marril," she said, in a smug yet flirtatious tone. "Wrong!" scolded Shard. "There are 251. The others are being kept under wraps until they can be studied and checked for safety. Heard about it in that very establishment that your refusal to wear a normal outfit under your disguise like everyone else does got us kicked out of." "What?" "Don't get me wrong," giggled Shard, "it was a nice view. But still..." "No! About why you believed some rambling drunk's conspiracy theory, and why you expect me to buy it second-hand!" "It wasn't a drunk," smiled Shard, "it was the barkeep. Come on, I'll buy you a drink." "We just got kicked out," pointed out Green. "No problem," smiled Shard. "I know a nice little place on this very ship." "I'll go," she said, "but first, say it." "Say what?" asked Shard "You know what," she said. Shard sighed. "Okay, I'll say it. I am not too proud to admit I've been taken. There, I said it. You happy?" "Maybe," she giggled. TBC? Shard Fields, who will be writing a bit infrequently for a little while, but will try and work some of the characters from the various mangas and such in. .sig not included. Shard Fields on AGNP Megasomething on ATT Team Rocket member, Evil Predacon (Diversive Tactics Expert)