From: Nick -New and Improved- ( Subject: [PW!] Gym Battle! Realization About Society! Newsgroups: Date: 2000-12-24 19:01:50 PST Last Time, Hito witnessed a battle between two wild Pokemon in the middle of the forest, on her way towards Pewter City. She knew that was part of a wild Pokemon's life. But she was hesitant to continue on her Pokemon trainer's journey, for some reason… --------------- A large gray building loomed ahead of her. Several average sized stones made up the exterior front of the building, with some wooden supports located throughout the frame of the building. A large gray boulder had been placed above the door; the words "Pewter Gym" etched deeply in the rock. Standing in front of the door, staring up at the words engraved above on the large boulder, was a young girl with waist length blood-red hair. Her emotionless face gave no hint of the true feelings of the girl. Hito closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She had to do this. She had decided to do this. This was what she wanted, right? Of course it was. She had decided to become a Pokemon trainer. A Pokemon Master. She had decided to fulfill the dream that Forest had before he died. And in order to do that, she had to gather eight badges from eight different gyms scattered in different cities all around the world. Pewter gym, in Pewter City, was one of those gyms. And so she had to go in. Put one foot in front of the other. Step through the door. Enter. Go through the ingress. So why wasn't she moving? What was this tension she felt in her heart? This reluctance to go into the gym? Something was definitely wrong. But what? Why was she hesitating? Hito took a deep breath, summoned all the willpower she had in her, and stepped into the gym. The door closed behind her, and the layout of the gym in front of her was obscured due to the darkness. It took a moment for Hito's eyes to adjust to the light inside the gym. After the interior of the gym became slightly more visible, she continued. "Isn't it a little too early for me to receive my Christmas present?" A voice from up ahead of her called out. "Eh?" A light flickered on, illuminating a young man sitting on a stone pedestal ahead of her, sitting with his legs crossed. "I am Brock, the gym leader here. You must be an early Christmas Present. Please go into the side room to your left in order for you to be wrapped so that I can open you tomorrow." "…" He seemed serious. Hito could have believed it if it was a joke, but this Brock person seemed serious. He really thought she was a gift for him. Pervert. "No," Hito corrected him; "I am here to challenge you to a Pokemon battle." "You… you mean your not one of my gifts?" Brock asked, his voice trembling. "I was sure that you were. You… you… you are so beautiful! You are a very good-looking young woman! I want you! I need you!" "How old are you anyway? Over 18? You sure look like it. Either way, since I'm not over 18, it would be statutory rape if I was to be… involved… with you," Hito replied. "And it seemed to me that that was what you were implying." Brock sweatdropped, then jumped to his feet. "Alright! You are beautiful, but you rejected me! I'm sorry, but I won't be able to go out with you! Let's get this battle over with! I will defeat you!" "Finally," Hito muttered under her breath as Brock proceeded down the pedestal. "Normally, there is a battle platform that I use to battle on with my contestants," Brock began. "However, in my everlasting chase for pretty girls, I have neglected to oil the gears that pull the platform into the battle arena. Therefore, We will have to battle on the floor. I hope you don't mind." "That is fine with me," Hito replied. "We will battle with one Pokemon each. If any Pokemon steps outside the battle arena, that Pokemon will be disqualified. If either Pokemon is recalled into their Pokeball, they will be disqualified. If a Pokemon faints, the owner of the Pokemon left standing will be declared the winner. I choose as my Pokemon…" Brock paused for dramatic effect before naming his Pokemon. "… Onix!" Brock tossed a red and white Pokeball into the center of the arena. After a flash of red energy, the gigantic rock Pokemon Onix appeared. "Go, Lokon," Hito said as she tossed the Vulpix's Pokeball into the arena. The ball popped open and red energy left the ball, and materialized into the Vulpix. The battle was a rather uneventful one. At least, for Brock. Onix attacked using his rock throw technique, his bind, and various others. Lokon, on the other hand, was being horribly beaten. Lokon's fire and physical attacks were no match for Onix's rock body, as they did not faze it. As she watched her Pokemon, her friend, battle this incomparably stronger Pokemon, she realized what had been bothering her. What had troubled her about the wild Pokemon battle she had seen. Why she had been so hesitant to enter the gym. Lokon would never have battled this Onix if it had not been for her order to do so. Lokon was loyal to her. It wanted to please her. Being friends with a Pokemon shouldn't involve forcing your friend to battle for sport. For your own recognition. It should only involve the good things. But this was what society had decided. Society had decided that Pokemon would battle each other. Force two living creatures to fight when they had no reason to do so. It wasn't right. It just wasn't right. Without a word, Hito recalled Lokon into the Pokeball, turned around, and left a confused Brock standing in the arena. "I'm sorry, Forest," Hito thought aloud. "I won't be able to fulfill your dream for you. I'm sorry." Something would have to be done. But first, she had to go to the Pokemon center, to heal Lokon. TBC......?