From: jigglywobble ( Subject: [PW!] Hatred Newsgroups: Date: 2000/06/17 Ok, thankyou people for helping me out with this know who you are ^_^ Thaddeus sat on his sofa, having a coffee. His ex-girlfriend Rita was sitting next to him with a hand on his leg. Thaddeus and Rita had broken up 3 weeks earlier, but she still wanted him, and was trying to get her way "C'mon baby." She said "You know you want me." Thaddeus didn't know if he wanted to move or to kiss her. He was confused. "Rita, I-" Rita quickly put a finger to his lips. "Dont say anything." She said, as she pushed herself upwards and kissed him softly. Thaddeus pulled away. And he frowned "Rita, please. I cant. I have things to deal with. My sister she-" "Forget about her." Rita said, butting in. "She is crazy. You know that." "Dont you ever say that." Thaddeus snapped. "You know it's true." Thaddeus turned away. He knew that D'lesse was a little upset, but it never occured to him that Rita might be right that she was crazy. But he shook his head and tried to forget about it. "Look," Said Thaddeus. "Maybe she's gone a little funny after Libby died, but she is not crazy. If you think you ever will get another chance in my life Rita, you will never Ever talk about D'lesse like that again. Understand me?" Rita nodded, and smiled. "I love you." She said, and hugged him. Thaddeus blushed. "I know you do." It wasn't that long before D'lesse arrived home. Thaddeus had sent her out with his credit card and car, to get her clothes and other micellanious paraphenalia. She had a total of 10 bags, that she was battling with to get in the door. Rita had left, the moment she heard the car return. "I'm back!" D'lesse called. "Where are you Thaddeus?" "In the kitchen, making you a coffee!" He called back. D'lesse dumped the bags on the sofa, and stretched. "You should see what I brought. I got like, pants, and skirts, and tops, and some stuff for my hair, and-" "Rita was here." Thaddeus said, handing D'lesse a cup of coffee. "Oh, that whore. What did she want?" "Dont be like that." Thaddeus said to her, clearing a place on the sofa for them to sit. "We got back together." "What?!?" D'lesse almost dropped her coffee. "After all the shit she put you through?" "She's changed D'lesse. She's not like that anymore." "Ah, bullshit." D'lesse said, standing up. "She's probably just telling you shit again. Dont you get it?" Thaddeus also stood up, he towered over D'lesse. "You wanna sort it out? you go and talk to her." Moments later, D'lesse had all her stuff in the car, and was driving to Ritas place. She was so angry, she didn't quite know what she was going to do when she got there. All she did know, was that she was going to mess up that pretty face that Rita had. "How dare she." D'lesse said to herself, speeding up. Ritas place was on the outskirts of Hellion town. It overlooked the beach, and shops. It was quite pretty, except for the ugliness of Ritas shitty house on the hill. D'lesse stepped out of the car, and quitely closed the door. Rita's front door was wide open. D'lesse assumed sh'ed only recently arrived home. So, she barged straight in. "Rita you fucking whore, where are you?" D'lesse yelled. Rita put her head around the kitchen door. "What the fuck are you doing here? In fact, how the hell do you know where I live?" "That is for me to know." D'lesse told her, as she sat on the coffee table. "Look, I didn't come here to give you shit. I just want to tell you something." Rita cautiously walked out of the kitchen and stood in front of D'lesse. "So tell me then." She said, folding her arms. D'lesse stood up. She was taller than Rita, and the shoes she was wearing help with an extra 3 inches "You stay the fuck away from my brother or I will kill you." Rita gave D'lesse a look of pure hatred. "You think i am afraid of you bitch?" "You damn-well should be. You know me, and who I know." D'lesse said, almost impanting her fist in Ritas face. But she did have some form of self control. "I am not afraid of a street whore like you D'lesse." Rita told her. D'lesse was taken aback. She had no idea what to say. Rita smiled. "See? Even you know it. That's all you are D'lesse. A street whore. Why dont you just go away, and leave me and your Brother alone." "Do not ever call me that Rita." "Why not? You know yourself that it's true. Your mother was a whore, and so were you. You're just taking after her, and with your bastard child. It's a good thing she's dead. Now the cycle wont continue." That was the last straw. D'lesse had enough standing there, listeneing to Rita's abuse. "Fuck you bitch." She yelled, as she threw all her force into a punch that made Rita fly backwards into a vase. "You desearve every little thing I am going to do to you." About 40 minutes later, D'lesse stepped out of Ritas bathroom, wrapped in a soft white towel. "Mmm so refershing." she said to herself. "I gotta get me one of those showers." As she walked into Ritas bedroom, where she had put some of her clothes on the bed. D'lesse had tied up Rita and left her, in pain and bleeding on the floor. "Hmm, what to wear?" D'lesse asked herself. "A sack." Rita manged to say, through the broken teeth and blood. "Fuck off." D'lesse said to Rita, kicking her in the head. "Now look, you got blood on my foot you bitch." D'lesse removed her towel, and wiped it away. "God, D'lesse please, I dont wanna see you naked." D'lesse laughed, and knelt in front of Rita. "Why not?" She asked, touching her breast. "Because you're a girl. I'm not into that shit." "Well Rita." D'lesse said, standing back up. "You'd better make the most of it, because once i get dressed, you wont be seeing anything anymore." D'lesse walked over to the bed and bent over to pick up her pants. "Dont I have a nice ass?" She asked, laughing. Rita closed her eyes. "I dont wanna see that." She said, crying. D'lesse ingored her, and started getting dressed. She had with her, long black leather pants, and knee high lace up boots. She quickly put them on, and pulled out her top. It was leather also, she liked leather, and it was lace up at the front. Was a good one for cleavage, and gave her good lift. This was the top that all the boys would like. After dressing fully, and applying makeup, she went back over to Rita. "I am getting a tattoo today." She told her. "What would you suggest.?" "A fucking mask to hide your ugly face." Rita said. D'lesse shook her head. "Now, that's not very nice Rita." D'lesse told her. "I was going to let you go, but now-" "Please, D'lesse, let me go. I haven't done a damned thing to you." "Lies!" She yelled. "It's fucking lies." D'lesse slapped Rita in the face. "You just dont get it do you." D'lesse walked out of the room. She was going to take Her brothers car, strap Rita in and drive her over the cliff. But that would be too easy. Rita wanted to die. D'lesse could tell. Instead, D'lesse decided she was just going to fuck Rita up more and leave her. After doing the deed, D'lesse drove away in Thaddeus' car. In the back of her mind, she could still hear Rita's screams of mercy, and the dull thudding sound of her boot kicking Rita in the head. It almost made D'lesse cry, but she was strong. She couldn't let Rita get her down. After all, she still had Thaddeus' credit card, and a whole bundle of cash from Rita's place. There must have been at least $10 or $20,000 in the briefcase next to her, most of which she was going to open a bank account with. Silly to carry that much cash around. She thought about what she was going to do once she reached Hellion Town. A new car would be her first priority, and then to dump the old one. Maybe a name change, maybe not. And somewhere to stay. Perhaps an apparment on the beach front. But she would decide whe she arrived.