From: jigglywobble ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Hatred Newsgroups: Date: 2000/06/21 <snip> Arriving D'lesse was getting a little cold, the sun was starting to go down, and she was driving fast. She had Rita in the back of the car. D'lesse was going to dump her in the bush along the road somewhere. She'd been drugged so heavily that she wouldn't even remember D'lesse coming to visit. An hour later, she arrived in Hellion town. D'lesse was on foot. She'd set fire to the car with Rita in it. She'd died from the drugs, so there was nothing else to do but get rid of the evidence. It was still a ways walk to the aparments she would be staying in, she found herself asking for directions a couple of times, but she eventually arrived. It was a nice building - large lobby and forecourt. D'lesse wondered if it would be too expensive for her, but then she remembered the money she had on her, and the money she left at Ritas place too. At the desk, she asked what was available. There wasn't much left, but she took what she could. D'lesse sighed. Libby would have loved this. She felt a tear come to her eye, but quickly brushed it away. There was an Oddish, playing near the door. Running in and out of things and making trouble. D'lesse laughed softly, but the Oddish heard her. And it barrelled on over. "Oddish!!" It said, as it banged into D'lesse's legs, almost knocking her over. "Silly thing." She said. She was annoyed, and amused at the same time. D'lesse picked up her bags, and walked over to the lift. The Oddish followed. It looked up at her. "Oddish, oddish." It said. D'lesse shook her head. "I dont know what your saying little one. You're the only pokémon i've ever seen up close before." The Oddish slanted it's head. it seemed to understand what she was saying. "What do you want?" D'lesse asked it. The Oddish ran around her legs in circles. "Do you want me to play with you?" The Oddish jumped up and down. "Oddish!!" It said with joy. D'lesse laughed again. Silly little thing it was. "Well little Oddish." She said. "I have to take my things up to my room. You can come if you like, and then we can play. ok?" "Oddish oddish." It said, grinning, like Oddish's do. They stepped into the lift, and went up. 12th floor. Apartment 6. The apartment was furnished to a T. It was lovely. Had plush sofa's large kitchen and lots of other trinkets and things. The little Oddish bounced up onto the sofa. "Oddish Oddish!" It said. And then it stopped. "What's wrong?" D'lesse asked it. The Oddish seemed to blush. It was looking over D'lesse's shoulder and out of the door. She turned around to see a boy, leaning in her doorway. "What do you want?" She asked. "That's my Oddish." He said. The Oddish ran over to him. "Oh." D'lesse blushed. "I'm sorry. I didn't know." "It's ok." He replied. "Uh, come in." D'lesse said, standing up quickly. "Sit down. Can I get you anything?" Thanks." He said, walking in the door.