From: ( Subject: [PW!]Heading Out. Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/14 "It was fun while it lasted, but it feels good to getting back on the road." Gads, outside the Indigo Cabin, leaned against a tree, waiting for Mara and Andrew to finish their packing. Monk-chan, above, was busy snacking on a banana. Gads thought back to his last match against Mike. "That puts me at 0- 2 against him. Maybe I'll get another shot at him someday..." Gads reached into his pocket and pulled out the real shocker of the Games. "You're tougher then your cream-puff looks make ya out to be. Maybe I should teach ya a move or two... but your current list is already impressive." Monk-chan dropped the now-empty banana peel out of the tree. "Key man man." "I dunno. Might ever be better then you. You're a rather dismal 3-1 for the Games. Sketch has something around 20 KOs and only been defeated 4 times herself." Gads contained his smirk for a moment. "KEY?" Monk-chan was out of that tree and dropped down into a fighting stance. "Ok, ok, you could probably beat Sketch. I probably shoulda used ya more, instead of Sketch or Dow." "Key." Satisfied, Monk-chan relaxed. Gads shook his head. "Egomaniac..." "Am not. I'm modest, awell as talented and beautiful!" From the cabin door, Mara dragged out her red backpack. "Before we go, I need to stop by the Pokecenter. I wanna pick up MaChop from Mom. She finally found time in her honeymoon to drop it into the Pokecenter." Gads chuckled. "Pops finally ran outta steam, I guess. But why are ya finally picking up MaChop?" "Well... I've watched you with Monk-chan over these past few months. I mean, you act more like brothers, then Pokemon and trainer. I dunno... I guess I'd like to bond with a Pokemon like that. Swirly's too attached to Mom, and Chedder 'n Swiss aren't exactly great conversationalists." "And he is?" Gads thumbed at Monk-chan, who began so glare at his trainer. Gads looked inside. "What's keeping Andrew." Mara gave Gads a flat look. "SOME people can't keep everything in their pockets." Gads shrugged. "So I pack light." A HUGE sweatdrop went down Mara's head. "Uh, you carry more stuff in your pockets then I do in my backpack." Mara motioned to the large backpack at the bottom of the steps. Before Gads could reply, that same backpack was tripped over by Andrew, who was also carrying his parent's suitcases. "YAAAA!" The suitcases scattered. Andrew's mother appeared in the doorway. "Well, I wanted them taken over THERE, but where they are is fine, dear." "Thanks mom. By the way, I'm O.K..." "That's nice." With that, Mrs O'Reilly went back inside the cabin to get her husband. Andrew pulled himself off the ground. "Well, looks like we're set." "We will be once we hit the Pokecenter. Mara's picking up her MaChop." Andrew looked oddly at Mara. "MaChop? You have another Pokemon, but only carried around 3?" "Long story." Gads smirked. "Short version: Mara got to wrapped up in training herself to train MaChop." For that, Gads got a swift smack in the head from Mara. Andrew shrugged. "I guess some people are interested in other things. The world doesn't revolve around Pokemon, does it?" For one moment, one could almost FEEL the entire universe staring oddly at Andrew. Andrew got the oddest feeling that he said something drastically wrong. Mara nervously chuckled. "Yeah, I guess not." Mr. and Mrs. O'Reilly exited the cabin. "Well, we can get ourselves to the Pidgeot Express from here." Andrew hugged his mother and father. "I'll miss you both." Mr. O'Reilly smiled. "I know, son. Be careful." Mrs. O'Reilly turned to Mara and Gads. "You can all come by anytime. You're basically family to us now." Mara blushed and Gads rubbed the back of his head. "Aw, thanks, Mrs. O'Reilly. If you're ever in the area, be sure to drop by the Dojo." "We'll be sure to do that, as long as it isn't under seige again. That isn't a frequent event though, is it?" The O'Reillys all began to laugh, while Gads and Mara gave a pair of nervous chuckles. Monk-chan shook his head. "Key..." TBC? (OOC: Expect to be hearing from TBFPOC tomorrow. S.S. Anne, beware... I FINALLY have a gap in my schedual to begin writing here on a regular basis again... for now.)