From: Roland Le Good ( Subject: [PW!][Celadon/Fuschia] Hostile Take over... Newsgroups: Date: 2000-09-15 14:03:08 PST - Kurt Cray - PW! Extremly Hostile Take Over- pt Kurt ran across town and unlocked the car he had dumped a few minutes ago. ³ Now then... Whereıs that cycling road?² The train journey down took a while, about half an hour, and there was no movie or anything... Chris hated doing nothing. He liked to take his fate into his own hands, that way if something went wrong he could blame himself at least. Chris wasnıt really one to take chances. The last time that happened he had to run past two dogs and grab a football, but he only did it for Dairy Lea. Chris shuddered at his childhood, there was little in it he liked, except meeting Athos. Athos had taught him how to rob banks and live differently, it was possibly the best thing to happen to him. Chris smiled to himself at this thought and how he met Kurt. A big robbery that went completely wrong. About four of them had been there and Kurt was introduced to Chris... That was also when Athos went missing. Chris guessed heıd been arrested, but there was always a glimmer of hope. At the moment, Kurt was the only one awake at the moment. Jane was asleep with poor Christof. ³ I wondor if heıll be ok...² Chris stared out the window in thought and saw what looked like... A car going down cycling road? ³ What the...² Kurt drove across town, temporarily forgetting traffic laws and headed straight for the cycling road bridge. He raised an eyebrow as the black and yellow barrier went down. The poor man in the booth called to Kurt ³ HEY! STOP! ONLY BIKES CAN GO OVER!² Kurt failed to hear him and drove through the barrier and began going down the road. Heıd never had so much fun. He couldnıt help but laugh as people cycled like mad to get out of the way and sometimes just jumped, leaving their bike behind. Kurt watched a bike fly into the windscreen and crack it as it bounced up the bonnet into the car. He looked to his left, where the train track came out into the open, rather than staying in some tunnel. He saw the train and grinned wildly. Then he remembered he was in a car. ³ Mwahahaha! This is great! Carmageddon eat yer heart out!² He was rapidly approaching Fuschia and would get their just after the train... If he could stop in time... Chris woke Jane and Christof as the train began to stop. ³ Thankyou for riding, but weıve now stopped at Fuschia...² The PA system blurted. ³ Looks like weıre home...² ³ Home?² Jane questioned Chris. ³ Yeah, this is where Kurt and I met, my apartment is here too... Letıs get going, Kurtıll need us to be ready sharp...² Chris hurried them off the train and they caught a taxi to his old home. ³ Man Iıve not been here in ages... if we get attacked by rattatas or choke from the smell Iım sorry...² ³ How....male....² Jane raised an eyebrow as Chris fumbled for his key.... ³ Ah, here we go!² He opened the door and his room was surprisingly neat. The was one sofa and a TV, then a desk with all kinds of gadgets on them. The were other doors, but Jane didnıt ask. ³ Hey, what is this stuff?² ³ Old... inventions you could say, but they donıt exactly work... These kick ass though....² He took a pair of gloves of the table, each one had a wire attached to it. Jane took one, it was black, finger less and leather. Very stylish but somehow...familiar... ³ This is designed for keeping your hands free and still access Pokeballs,² ³ But itıs a glove....² Jane was confused. ³ Ok, pass a pokeball here...² Jane chucked Chris her Golduck ball. ³ This wire attaches to the button on the ball, like so... Then....² He put on a glove and put his hand palm up. ³ If you tap the button at the wrist twice, like so...² Chris did so and Jane noticed a metallic black spot on the centre of the palm light up red and Golduck flashed out. ³ So I can release Pokemon from my hand not the ball?² ³ Yep! Iıve only got two pairs, but I donıt use ?em. You want a pair?² ³ Damn straight!² ³ Take the other for Kurt ok? It was gonna be a birthday present but weıve not been here in months...² ³ Sure.... hey.... Christof? Whereıs Christof?² ³ He didnıt come up... Crap, letıs get him...² They went outside again and Jane gasped as she saw Christof. He lay, very still, half way up the stairs... ³ Oh crap...²