From: Marco262 ( Subject: [PW!] How many Jennys ARE there? Newsgroups: Date: 2000-09-26 18:10:07 PST Jason ran through a set of lavishly decorated sliding glass doors. He quickly looked around him for the level sign. After catching his breath he walked up calmly to the information counter. A small, thin woman was hidden behind an overly large computer screen with a phone balancing on her shoulder. He rang the bell. The woman looked up at the pseudo-blonde youth standing in front of her. She smiled at him and mouthed "Just a moment." Jason smiled back impatiently and tapped his fingers on the counter top. He frequently checked the door with a nervous look on his face. Finally the woman finished her call. "Celadon Department Store, how can I help you?" she asked in a nasal voice. "Where do you sell your TMs?" "Third floor sir. Have nice day." She hadn't even gotten to "nice" before Jason was up the stairs. She glanced around to see if anyone was watching, then pressed a button on an intercom. "Security? We have a criminal in the building." * * * Jason reached a hand over the last step, panting hard after his 4 story climb. (I need to practice more often.) he thought. He stood up slowly and worked the kinks out of his body, then he walked up to the only sales counter on the floor. A thin, balding man smiled at him expectantly. "TM32 please," Jason said. The man nodded and held up one finger. He reached under the counter and rummaged for a while, and came up with a small black. Simeon smiled and nodded back and paid for the TM. The man took the money quickly, because his phone started ring. He quick it up and dismissed Jason with a quick wave. Jason tucked the box under his arms and walked calmly for the door, now that he had what he came for. Suddenly, he had the feeling he should duck. Call it intuition, call it good timing, or call it the sound of a gun being cocked behind him. He dropped the ground just in time. A bright, feathered dart whizzed by where his head had been just moments before. Jason stared open-mouthed at the tranquilizer dart quivering in a wall, until the sound of another dart being loaded prompted him to look over his shoulder. The salesman snarled at the prostrate boy and cocked the gun, aiming at Jason. Jason rolled quickly out of the way behind a shelf, got up, and sprinted down the stairs. ?Halt! In the name of...? He ran past the security guards just beginning to congregate at the front doors of the building and shot down the street to where his pokémon were eating dinner. * * * DJ had just finished serving up all the band members blue scrambled eggs when Wolfgang stiffened suddenly. <Hey, dude,> Miami said, putting a hand on Wolfgang?s arm, <Mellow your meats; there?s scrambled Tweeties on the famished rock star menu tonight.> Wolfgang frowned at Miami indignantly, <Bad form there old chap. My perkers tell me Jason?s going to need our help in a pinch.> Sure enough, the sound of a stampede had reached the clearing where the stars had set up their temporary home. Jason sped into a clearing and picked up the few supplies that were left out for cooking and such and threw them into the metal chest. He turned and rapped out orders to his pokémon. ?SOS! Evacuation! It?s the feds! Ella, you wake up Gigawatt and wait up there for me! Everyone else, in your pokéballs!? Jason zapped the other 4 of his pokémon into their pokéballs and joined Ella on the gigantic, yet slightly groggy Magneton. Jason gave a few sharp taps to hull of his ride, and they were up in the air and off down the road, with the metal chest levitating below them thanks to Gigawatt?s magnetic field. Jason looked back over his shoulder nervously. Sure enough, there were at least 3 police cars chasing them down the widened forest road. And, unfortunately for Jason and his gang, they were catching up quickly. One car pulled up on the left of them and a Jenny leaned out the window, she lifted an unnecessary megaphone to her mouth. (she yelled loud enough she didn?t need it) ?Halt! This is the police!? ?Yeah, like we didn?t know that already,? Jason grumbled. ?Jason Bard, you?re under arrest for more than 100 cases of copyright infringement!? Ella?s head snapped around to look at Jason through wide eyes. <I hadda, like, no clue we done 100 songs, Jason.> Jason shrugged, ?My last count was 88, but they?re probably exaggerating.? ?Halt!? Jenny repeated, ?Or we?ll shoot!? Ella turned her hands toward Jenny. ?Youse need ta like calm down girlfriend.? Two Ice Beams shot out from the middle of Ella?s palms. One hit the megaphone, freezing it to Jenny?s hand. The other hit the front right tire of the cop car. It swerved out of control on the rocky, dusty road, falling behind them and taking out the middle cop car as well. They both spun around and stopped in the middle of the road, creating a blockade. The passenger window of the last car opened up and a male policeman leaned out and fired a handgun at the group. Fortunately, the bullets just ricocheted off the Magneton?s metallic covering. Ella fired a huge Ice Beam directly at the front of the cop car. The beam went directly through the radiator and hit the engine dead on. With a bang, the frozen fell through the bottom of the car and snapped the transmission in half. The two baffled policemen got out of their car, and watched the retreating Magneton motor down the forest road at an easy 40 mph.