From: Tom, Darth Psyduck ( Subject: [PW!] I've got to be chained to you... Newsgroups: Date: 2000-11-30 12:10:39 PST Saffron city was very big, indeed. Tom slowly started to walk through the empty street. Everyone's probably having lunch right now, he thought. Examining the houses seeking something, he and Psyduck continued to go forward. Eventually, his look stopped on a normal-sized house with a beautiful garden. Stopping at the doorstep, he knocked on the door. "Just a moment, I'll be right there !" said the person and opened the door. "Goodness ! Tom ! How are you lad ?" "Greetings Mr. Psychic. I'm fine, thank you for asking." "What brings you here ?" he asked, but quickly realized they were standing out in the calm breeze. "I'm sorry, I didn't notice how cold it is now. Come in for a drink." The duo stepped in, a bit frozen but happy to see their good friend again. As Mr. Psychic closed the door, he turned to Tom "What brings you here, my child ? Are you just passing by ?" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ "...and then it was suddenly all over." said Tom, as he finished talking about the problems in Celadon "I see," pondered Mr. Psychic. It took a little moment for him to snap out of it. "I'm very sorry to hear that such horrible acts surrounded you there, but what happened can't be helped now." He took a sip of his coffee and continued, you, "Say Tom aren't planning to go to Lavender anytime soon, or are you ?" "I don't know, why do you ask ? Anything I could do for you ?" "Well, there is *something*. Have I ever told you about Mr. Fuji and about the Ghost Tower ? No ? Well, where should I start ? Mr. Fuji, a good friend of mine, is an old channeler that lives there, taking care of all the burials and the spirits of Pokemon that died. He also gives good trainers a musical instrument that is told to have an awakening ability - the Pokeflute. You see, I have longly wondered about the essence of music that has this option; I mean, one would await that such a beautiful melody would put someone to sleep, not awake it. So I want to ask you - are you willing to bring one such Pokeflute for me ? The only reason I myself am not going, is because I haven't got much time recently." "Sure Mr. Psychic, it surely won't be a hard task. And by the way, might I ask about the history of this tower ...?" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ After several hours that the young Jedi spent both looking at the map and walking in the right direction, he finally saw the pleasant lights of the small town. With a happy sigh, he continued to go and stopped only after arriving in front of the little building of the Lavender poilce. Opening the door and walking inside, Tom took a quick look of his surroundings. Spotting a young lady with blue hair in a standard uniform, he spoke. "Good evening miss, may I interrupt you in whatever you are doing ?" Looking up from the solitaire game officer Jenny played for the millionth time all over again, she gave him a slightly bored look. "Yes, what can I do to help you mister ?" "I'm looking for some information on this town - I'm wanting to know if there is a cemetery here." Jenny muttered something about bad Halloween jokes and fiddled with the computer's keyboard for a moment. "According to the dictionary source, there are three cemetaries registered - a normal one, a Pokemon one and an Indian one." "Would you be so kind and tell me the adresses of these locations ?" "The normal one is situated on Mist Road 13. The Pokemon one - also called the Ghost tower - is on Haze Hill 2. The last one - the Indian cemetery - is can be found on Purple street 34." "Thanks, and could you please tell me where is the house of Mr. Fuji ?" After some more fiddling with the keyboard, two clicks of the mouse, four beeps and three blue screens of death from the (un)mighty Windoze, Jenny looked at Tom again. "Purple street 34." "No, I didn't want to hear the adress of the Indian cemetary, I wanted Mr. Fuji's adress..." "It's here, black on white, erm, I mean white on blue that the house's location is Purple street 34." Tom raised one eyebrow, than gave a very odd look to the loudly-puffing PC. "Thank you for your help," he said and walked away, mumbling something about a money-grabbing-good-for-nothing product. "My pleasure ! Come and visit us again !" she exclaimed, then switched back to her million first game of the boring solitaire. A blue screen with white words 'Access violation at 331F : 0A30' and something written below it showed up, then disappeared in an instant as the policewoman sighed. Looking at the town map, Tom noted the locations Jenny gave him. Lifting up his head, he saw a large tower in the direction of the Ghost cemetery. Quickly passing the Pokecenter, he took the road that lead to a hill. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Reading the sign on the tower, the young Jedi took a look inside only to be amazed by the tons of people who were there. Some of them were crying at the gravestones, others looked after the graves. Even a receptionist was there and a few channelers. The tower seemed to be even bigger from the inside than it looked from the outside. Walls were shaped into a cylinder, made from large stone bricks. A staircase was situated there, probably for the access to the higher floors. Being the curious mind Tom is, he walked right to the staircase. Wanting to examine the place further, he walked up the stairs. Another floor was waiting to be discovered. This one had even more graves, channelers and ordinary people with a staircase again. Stairs up and another floor. Stairs up. Another floor. Stairs up... * After about 248 stairs later * And another floor... "Man, I feel dizzyyy-..." he was cut off as he a big explosion hurled at the top of the tower. "I sense a great distrubance in the f..floor !" Running up the stairs one more time, Tom saw a group of people coming his way. A couple with two boys at their heels, one older and one young, followed by an old man walked past him. He noticed the older boy, probably the son of the couple - he wore robes, similar to the ones of Tom only that they were black, like the ones channelers had. The second odd thing was a bone skull made into a helmet from a Pokemon of some kind. Overhearing a little of the conversation, he gathered that some kind of an upper evil was trying to conquer this world, but the older of the two saved the situation. <Cheap scenario,> Tom thought. <Like if that never happened in my dimension.> <Though this boy does seem to have a certain potential...> The teen and the young Jedi exchanged odd glares, then the group left. Moving his look across the room, he noticed only one thing. "*This* is the reason why I was walking up all the stairs ?!? Only to find out that there is nothing here ?!?" he said and sighed, that it could be heard all across the land. After further examination for even some little tiny small unnoticed thingie, he sighed again, and walked downstairs. And down. And down... But as he was crossing the 3rd floor, he stopped in the middle. Searching for something, what his senses knew the presence of, he looked all around. Few seconds later a quite big gas shape started to concentrate in front og him. It first looked like a splat tommato, then like a basketball on fire. Eventually, a purple entity with big eyes and with an even bigger grin. "Gaaaaaaaaaaaaastlyyyyyyyyyyy !" After finding out what kind of creature or Pokemon was, Tom was forced into the only reliable of the two options he got - he didn't want to run, so instead, he let out his trusted companion. "Psyduck, I need your help !" he said with releasing the harmless-looking friend. "Psy ?" it asked for commands, turning to it's opponent. But before it could do anything, a purple and pink glow surrounded the ghost. Seconds after, it released a same colored beam at the Psyduck. "Quick, evade it with your Double team !" Psyduck was covered in a blue shade, then he glowed for a moment. Suddenly, mirror images of it were scattered all over the floor. The beam took out about half of them, missing the real one by far. "Now use your Ice beam !" It didn't need to hear the command twice, and closed it's eyes. Opening them along wih his mouth, a big white sphere appeared at his beak. Several freezing rays shot out of it, aimed at the Gastly. Trying to block the attack, it fired off a diverse colored beam, only to get it absorbed by the sheer power of the Psyduck's attack. The ghost got frozen instantly. Tom, recalling from what Mr. Psychic taught him about catching Pokemon, threw a Pokeball he got from the Saffron's mentor. The block of ice turned into energy and was transorted into the red and white sphere and started shaking. It shook once. Twice. Thrice and started to calm. <Man said, 'keep your friends close to you, and your foes even closer'.> he thought as it reminded him on Spaceghost. <But I certainly hope this one will be my friend...> The young Jedi quickly took the ball from the ground and hurried to get his newly acquired Pokemon healed. He recalled his companion back too, so he could go faster. Taking three or even five steps at once, he was on the ground floor before the wind. Running fast like lightning, he managed to get into the Pokecenter in a moment, probably breaking a few of the world's records. "Excuse me to interrupt miss, but I need to get these Pokemon healed right now," he almost shouted because of the adrenaline rush at Nurse Joy. "Of course," she smiled at him giving the Pokemon to one the Chanseys. "You don't need to worry anymore, they are taken care of. Sit down and relax, they'll be healed in a minute." Calming down a bit, he took a free seat close to the desk. A teenager in a baggy outift, with a skateboard under his arm entered through the door. Tom didn't pay attention to him, until he noticed the teen wearing a Marowak helmet, that he already saw once. After further examination, he quickly realized it's the same boy that he saw in the tower. "Hi Joy, I'd like to get my Pokemon healed, is it going to be a pro ?" "No Smasher, sure not." she said smiling again. She probably knew the boy, Tom thought. Smasher, or what was his name, leant against the desk, putting his skate down. Searching the center for something interesting from corner to corner, he noticed the oddly dressed young man. Exchanging suprised looks, he nodded to Tom in the 'Hi' way. Tom did the same, when he was interrupted my nurse Joy. "Mister, your Pokemon are fit again. Here they are." she gave him the two Pokeballs. "My name is Tom, thank you, miss Joy." Tom took them and walked out of the center. "See you again soon Tom, bye bye..." Moving towards the ordinary cemetary, Tom thought of Raine again. Deep in his thoughs, he came there without even noticing. Noticing a smaller house, he knocked on the door. "Good evening, I'm Tom Skywalker, could I speak with the person who looks after this place ?" Moving could be heard, then the door opened, with an old kind man answering "Good eveniing to you too. I'm John Handers, the man you're looking for. What can I do for ya ?" "I was wondering... could you make a tombstone ?" "Sure son, come in." The man led him into a inside, into the living room. Tom noticed a woman, about the man's age. "John who was it...? Oh, hello there..." "Good evening... Mrs. Handers, I assume. My name's Tom, nice to meet you." "You guessed right, Tom. I'm Mary Handers, John's wife, nice to meet you too." After a little chit-chat with Mary, John finally got Tom to follow him into the workshop and sat behind a large table. "How big should the tombstone be ?" "Not the biggest, just a normal elegant one please." Picking up a tombstone that Tom liked, the man took out his tools for hewing.. "So, whaddya want to have written on it ? Who was the unlucky person ?" "It was a beautiful girl named Raine Evans." "R...a...i...n...e... ...E...v...a...n...s..." said the old man while hewing. "Seems to me she was a very special person to ya ma' boy." "Not exactly..." Tom hesistated. "Err...only a bit... Oh well... she still *is* very special to me." "Sorry to hear then... ...what should I put below ?" "'Time now to spread your wings, to take to flight, the life endeavour...'" "That's nice," commented the old man scribbling some more into the tombstone. After John ended his work, the two found a pretty-looking spot for it. "I think you might want to be alone for a bit..." John said as he was leaving the Jedi. "Try to think on all the nice things that happened when you were with her." Looking at the tombstone, reading it all over again and again, Tom tried to do as he was said. He didn't succeed at first, but then he recalled the some. And then a few more, and more. As an attempt to express his feelings, he let out a whisper that soon changed into a song... "I feel the magic all around you It's bringing me to my knees Like a wannabe I've got to be chained to you" "And when you looked into my eyes felt a sudden sense of urgency Fascination casts a spell and you became more than just a mystery And I think about you all the time Is this fate is it my destiny That I think about you all the time I no longer pretend to have my hand on the weel because" "I feel the magic all around you It's bringing me to my knees Like a wannabe I've got to be chained to you I feel the magic building around you..." only to be suddenly interrupted by Smasher. "A friend of yours ?" "Yes..." "Sorry to hear that. My grandfather always told me, that you shouldn't be so sad if someone dies, because the person would wish you to be happy of life." "Thanks..." replied Tom with a smile now, looking at Smasher. "Your grandfather is a wise man, and I think you're right." "Nothing that big. So, you gonna say any last words ? If not, I'll start..." he said, taking a closer look at the stone. "Dear Raine. If I'd say I knew you I'd be lying, but looking at your friend here, you must've been a very good person. I hope you will find peace up there," he looked at Tom. "Now you..." "Raine, oh Raine. In the little time I knew you, you became my best friend, my everything. The way you talked, the way you smiled, the way you cared about everything and everyone. I know I'll see you again once and until then, take care." With those words, Tom stuck a single red rose into the ground in front of the stone. Looking at it, the duo spent a few minutes in silence. "Well, I don't want to have my mum worried, I have to go now." "I understand and I thank you once again. Goodbye and goodnight." Smasher went away and left Tom alone again. "I feel the magic all around you It's bringing me to my knees Like a wannabe I've got to be chained to you..." he ended the song. Looking one last time at the rose, he smiled and waved his hand. "We'll meet again. See you until then." Staying a little with the Handers for a bit chatting, he and his Pokemon were invited for the dinner and for the night. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ As the sunbeams started to play a light game on Tom's face, the sound of Dodrios could be heard all over. Given a quick lunch and washing himself, Tom thanked for everything and promised to come again. Knowing where to go next, he turned right after the Pokemon center and walked down the Purple street. Checking the numbers, he finally found what he was looking for - the house of Mr. Fuji. Knocking on the door, Tom inquired "Hello ? Good morning, anyone home ?" There was no response at first, then some quiet steps could be heard. Opening the door was a boy in a wacky looking pyjama. When he raised his head to see the visitor, the two exclaimed at the same tame "YOU ?!?" <TBC...>