From: Continue ( Subject: Re: [PW!] If it's Thursday, it must be Rosetta Newsgroups: Date: 2000/05/09 Time Lady wrote: >"I guess everyone else is asleep," said Damian. "So what's on the agenda >for today?" > >"We could all do with a rest," replied Sarah Jane. "And I'm sure all the >Pokemon could as well. If you're thinking of boarding yours here with >Grandma and Grandpa, you might want to let them loose and take a >walk around the grounds. You'll probably run into a few researchers, >grad students, and some of my pokemon. I've let them all loose so >everyone can have a break." > >"Sounds like a good idea," said Damian as he reached for the cereal on >the table. Kirsty sat down at the table, though she still appeared half >asleep. Yawning, Shields walked into the room. Cuddles finished her >meal and jumped down from the table. "So what are you going to do?" >he asked Sarah Jane. > >"I'm going to check on my pokemon and say hi to some of the other >people around. I think today I'm just going to stick to the home grounds >and maybe tomorrow I'll go into town. See you later," she said as she >picked up Pteryx. > >"Shields, stay out of trouble." The half asleep Mr. Mime nodded. >Damian found himself alone with Shields and Kirsty, both of whom >were half asleep, and Bulletproof, who was hovering next to his >shoulder. Considering that at this point none of the other living things in the room were able to hold much of a conversation, Damian chose to eat his cereal in silence. Holding the spoon with the hand that he wasn?t accustomed to using felt strange, but he didn?t actually need to think about it anymore. Actually being mostly awake, but not entirely, under these conditions had a tendency to make the mind wander. It naturally went to what might happen today. For several minutes thoughts of going around and looking at all of the pokemon he had seen outside went through his head. After this, he did remember that Sarah Jane told him to let his pokemon roam around. He also remembered that left a decision on which ones to let out since he could only take out the standard amount. He decided to just make up his mind when he headed outside. His mind skipped the entire rest of the stay here in Rosetta and wandered into what he would be doing next. The obvious thing was heading out with the group to the gym in Viridian City. He, Jon, and Sarah Jane would be trying for their eighth badge there. They would be eligible to challenge the Elite Four if they won in Viridian. From what Damian had read, they were supposed to be far tougher than any of the gym leaders. After his win over Bruno and Sarah Jane?s victory over Lance, he thought that they should be able to beat the Elite after getting in some training. After that was an even bigger question, though. Normally a trainer that beats the Elite can challenge the League champion. The problem was that there were a lot of people waiting on that challenge. Apparently the current champion, Ash Ketchum, was never around to accept those challenges. There had been some reports of him turning up at the Cerulean Gym, but no one mentioned him doing anything League-related while there. Other than that he was nowhere to be found, like he had gone off into some cave somewhere. With that in mind, Damian figured that there pretty much wasn?t a chance of him becoming League champion. Either way, his journey would be over. This is what caused him problems. After what had happened while he had traveled around, he couldn?t imagine just going home and going back to school. He had lost touch with all of his friends from home because of this trip. Either when they had gone on their own journey when they first turned ten or when he was finally forced to go by his parents a year later. His friends were now the people that he had been traveling with on his journey. He also couldn?t see just going back to school after this. While there were things that he could learn in school that he couldn?t on his journey, he also knew that he had learned things on this journey that he couldn?t have learned in school. As he put his empty cereal bowl in the sink, he figured that there had to be some way to get the kind of education from school without being cooped up in the one he had been going to in Vermillion. Maybe someone else knew about someplace like that. He would ask later, hoping that Dr. Eckert knew of someplace like that. Damian went to his room after this, retrieving his pokedex and pokeballs from his backpack while in there. He then went into the spacious backyard where he had seen so many pokemon roaming. Opening up the pokedex, he set about deciding who to let out. Since Bulletproof was out he only had five more slots open. Pretty much all of his pokemon had gotten some time outside recently, especially since every one of them participated in the League Games. Without much reason to make a selection, he just popped open one of the pokeballs. The white glow expanded to a huge size, for a pokemon that is, until resolving itself into a Snorlax. It yawned, scratched its belly and promptly flopped over backwards. Since it had almost fallen on top of him, the rush of air generated by the pokemon on its way down caused Damian to take a step back in order to keep his balance. "Maybe I should choose these a little better. I was a little too close to being a pancake that time." Suddenly, the middle of the Snorlax?s face began to wriggle. If it had a nose, it would probably be making sniffing sounds. As it was there was another rush of wind as the massive pokemon got to its feet almost instantaneously, leaving behind the Snorlax equivalent to a crop circle in the grass. Its head whipped to one side then the other before settling a little to its left. It then took off at a run, which was a very impressive sight for something that looks like it can barely waddle. Damian was stunned for a second, but started running after the rotund pokemon. His only problem was that the Snorlax was definitely moving faster. "Hey! Remy! Wait!" The bear-like pokemon quickly closed the distance to another building. The building was little more than a couple of wooden walls and supports with a roof over it, probably meant to provide cover against the sun and rain. Inside was a grad student emptying out a large bag of pokechow into a trough. A young Ponyta craned its neck downward to eat after the young man finished. That was just as Remy arrived. An aluminum rain gutter that was hanging too low because it needed a little maintenance met the Snorlax first. There was a quick protest from the length of metal, but it still folded up neatly into the overhang because of the unyielding force that hit it. Only a second after that, Remy was at the trough. The Ponyta was caught in mid-bite as it suddenly went up, moved back a few feet, and was set back down again on the ground. It didn?t even get the chance to register that something had bodily lifted it up before it was staring at the backside of a Snorlax in-between it and the feeding trough. It whinnied in surprise and protest at this. Similarly, "What the -- ?!" came from the grad student. "Ruh, Ruh, Remy, re, return!" Damian arrived out of breath, but quickly sucked the Snorlax back into its pokeball. He then stopped to finish up catching his breath. The Ponyta took the opportunity to go back to its rudely interrupted meal. The grad student walked over to Damian. "When was the last time you feed your Snorlax?" "It was a day ago, but Remy is a Snorlax." This was said as if that was the answer to everything. In a way it was, but the grad student wasn?t completely satisfied. "I hope you don?t have anymore of those that you haven?t fed in a day that you?re planning on letting out." Damian gave a somewhat sheepish grin in response. "No, no other Snorlax, but I probably should hold off on letting out Blade and Edgy." The grad student had a disapproving look on his face as he returned. "That?s a good idea. The only pokemon around here that?s supposed to look like spaghetti is that Tangela, Medusa." "In that case," Damian said as he fumbled with his pokedex with one hand, "do have anyplace around here where I could be letting out a large water pokemon?" The grad student sighed. "As long as it isn?t a Gyarados, yes. There?s a pool for the water pokemon over there." He pointed off in another direction which Damian took note of. "Thanks and sorry about this." Damian set off in the indicated direction when the grad student called after him. "It isn?t a Gyarados, is it?" "No, just a Lapras." The grad student shook his head. "I?m probably going to need to get an ice pick now. I?m never taking the Thursday rotation again!" <TBC> Jeff Hauser* *Sig Sold Seperately