From: Dreadite ( Subject: [PW!][SS Anne] If it screams... it's a short post like this. Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/13 P:OTP: Stuff happens, people change. And then again, there's a cruise. And people are aboard... ***** "So wassup D?" "Nothin. Watchin the game, having a bud." "True, true." The scent of alcohol was absolutely awful in the bar of the SS Anne, Dreadite noted. He was never a drinking person, but Shard wanted to go to the bar, so here he was. Dreadite looked around. "I haven't been in one of THESE in years, Shard. This had better be good." ---- (SORRY for being so freaking short, Shard isn't around writing, and I wanted to haul his ass into gear. >=) Okay?) Dreadite ----- The darkness, all around. Ghosts are like shadows, escaping death but for a moment, like shadows flitting from light. Ghostly we are, flitting from death but for a moment.