From: Continue ( Subject: Re: [PW!]/[PW!F] It's like talking to yourself (was: Define "new") Newsgroups: Date: 2000-12-29 14:22:31 PST Adrian Tymes wrote: >Meanwhile, on stage, the club's owner walked out from both sides of >the stage and waved to both audiences. "Let's." "Hear." "It." "For." >"The." "Poor." "Porys." Alternating between future and past selves >on each word was a gimmick that, to the ears of most, detracted from >the performance. Sadly, no one would ever tell him that. > >Fortunately, they did switch to stereo when the main band - the >serious moneymaker tonight, if things went as normal - signalled their >readiness from the wings. "Ladies and gentlemen..." > >A few notes sounded from offstage. > >Present manager shrugged apologetically. "They seem to be impatient." > >Future manager shrugged, playing the moment. "They've been waiting >five years, and so have we! Just one benny for the past crowd before >we start: Cerulean Lottery's numbers day after tomorrow are 42, 13, 9, >7, and 6, and they'll be bankrupt after that. Don't forget." > >With a resounding cheer from the past seats, and more than a few claps >and whistles from some of the more well-dressed future spectators, both >managers bowed and walked off stage. > >"We searched all through the nights." > >One Jason walked on stage. > >"I couldn't find it; you couldn't find it." > >And another. > >"We knew something wasn't right." > >And another. > >"I couldn't find it; you couldn't find it." > >And another. > >"And they say heaven is one step away, > Just one step away." > >The lights came up on the backstage, where a shadowed curtain had >been rising, to reveal the rest of the band. Stage smoke puffed under >their feet, giving the appearance that they rested on a cloud, terminating >one (large) step from the Jasons. > >[1 Not-So-Obscure reference point to anyone who can figure out what >this song has to do with temporal wierdness. Minimum requirement: name >listed performer and title of the media package that ties it together.] [NS]: Sorry, didn't get the reference. Either I don't remember the song or never heard it to begin with (although I'm leaning more toward the latter as the better possibility in this case). *********** Outside the club, when there is crowds, a figure in a gray cloak makes his way through the people who hadn?t paid to get in, but still wanted to get a glimpse of what was going on. The figure melted in the crowd and a well-dressed man presented his ticket to the bouncers at the door. One of the bouncers nodded after examining the ticket and gave a tag to the man, who hung it from the pocket of his jacket before entering. The bouncers then resumed keeping the rest of the mass of humanity outside. After entering, the man stood near the back and glanced at a clock on the wall. "Not yet, no, but soon" he thought to himself. A woman without a tag attached to her clothing walked by. At the last moment, the man stuck his arm out before her. More intent on getting back to her seat, she didn?t notice the arm, and passed right through it. She continued on and the man regarded his arm. He flexed his hand and individually curled and uncurled each of the fingers, followed by bending his arm. An mildly amused smile played across his lips. "A third perspective is more entertaining than I thought. Maybe more of these should be arranged." He muttered absently. "That?ll be kind of tough," a voice told the man. So involved in his own world, the man started for a moment, but he quickly calmed when seeing that the voice came from the club manager. "As far as anyone knows, this was a one-of-a-kind event. Enjoy yourself tonight, I know I will, tonight and when the next lottery results are announced!" As the club manager waved a cheerful, but lifeless, good-bye, the man noted that this one had no tag on. He contemplated giving the man a threatening illusion, but decided that it wasn?t worth it. The man looked over the crowd as the performance started. "And none of those here but myself will have any idea what is happening during the most significant part of the show. I suppose I shouldn?t expect any more of them." His stream of thought stopped as he looked at the stage. "Save one, who does know." After a mental chuckle he added "Or two in this case." <TBC..>