From: Insanellama ( Subject: Re: [PW!]Jim Wayne, forgotten but not gone (and aboard the S.S. Anne) Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/14 Tech Weaver misses Mick Foley already. <> wrote in message news:8akf6l$l3$ > This was beginning to sound more and more ludicrous to Chet. A talking > Ivysaur that dresses like a cowboy that works at a ranch was a little > Farfetch'd. He also refered to his birth, which is unlikely since all > Pokemon hatch from eggs. What seemed most odd, to Chet at least, was that he > had money and was offering to get him drunk. That sounded like something > that Terry might do. He was quite the prankster. > > "Sure," accepted Chet, already deciding on something non-alcoholic. He > decided to follow Jim's lead. "Say, aren't Pokemon supposed to hatch from > eggs?" "Born, hatched, what's the difference?" Said Jim with a shrug, "My mom layed the egg, my dad fertilized it, and they sat on me till I hatched. I've fallen into the habbit of saying born because humans use it so often. Jim pushed through the double swinging doors. The doors swung back and hit Chet in the face. "Hey, haven't you ever been in one of these places? First rule is stay alert." "Uh yeah, I guess I'm a little tired." Jim walked up to the bar. "Bartender, you got any moonshine? I'm lookin for somethin in the area of 100 proof." "Yeah, just a sec." The bartender went into the back room, and returned with an unopened jug of the stuff. He opened it, and poured Jim a shot. "Hey, can't a guy have a bigger glass than that? And would you please leave the bottle." "Your funeral" the bartender said as he took Jim's money, and gave him a beer mug. Jim drained the shot glass. He shook his head, leaned over to chet and said, "This stuff has got the kick of a deceased ponyta." He spotted a man eyeing the jug. "Hey, come here and try a shot of this. Tell me what you think of it." The man walked up and took the proffered shot glass. He drank it, and shook his head and coughed. He then promptly passed out. "Wuss" said jim, "Well, don't just set there Chet, order something." TBC???? -- -Insanellama Watch your six. icq # 17681168 Aim nick: Insanelama