From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Just another day at the beach? Newsgroups: Date: 2000/05/17 Continue wrote: > "Let?s see how well I do now." A moment after that a hooded black robe > was where Drake had been when he was speaking. > > "Mimic think Drake definitely going to need more practice." > > "Why? I can?t see myself, how do I look?" > > Another black hooded robe replaced Mimic. It was very simple, looking > almost as if it was made out of denim. It was also a mirror image on the > black robe directly facing it. "Drake look like this." The one robe said > to the other. > > "I think I?ve got a lot of work to do." > > The other robe quickly nodded. #Brothers!# "Did you say something?" "No, but Mimic think recognize voice." #Why are you wearing your cloaks here? When amongst outsiders, we should *be* as outsiders, that our number may not be single out amongst the masses.# #What talking about? Mimic and friend just be what friend saw.# #Mimic?# A small abra popped in between the two robes, looking at first one then the other. #My first brother! I am overjoiced that you have at long last joined my followers!# #Again, what talking about? Mimic brother is Doppler.# #It is I. My skills have improved such that none can recognize me, when I do not wish to be recognized.# #No, Mimic still recognize brother. You no Doppler. Maybe ditto imitate Doppler, get confused. Imitation need work. No let Doppler catch you, though, at least no unless have Doppler's permission.# #...# "C'mon, Drake, let's find other spot." The two robes blinked away. #A pity. Mimic is so full of himself, he thinks he will always know me. I've had to practice our art far more than he has, so of course I would get to the point where even he wouldn't recognize me...wouldn't I?# --- Drake slowly eased back into his normal shape. "You really think that wasn't Doppler?" "Drake hear conversation? Mimic thought Mimic shielded...maybe Doppler wannabe no bother. Anyway, Mimic know brother, even after years apart. Last saw Doppler few months ago. That no Mimic's brother." "Just one question: how do you imitate a ditto imitating something else? I mean, wouldn't the whole point be to imitate the thing being imitated?" "Imitate imperfections, too. Often, imitation good enough that none can tell; call 'perfect' imitation. But even then, may still be nature - in way act, think, speak - if no in actual body." TBC?