From: Saint ( Subject: [PW!] Just Hanging Around Newsgroups: Date: 2000/06/12 Taron walked among the trees that had been planted in the garden of the gym. Procyon walked next to him, with Bulletwing not far behind. "Hmm, okay Taron, says here that my battle with Erika will be in one hour with yours shortly thereafter." Taron breathed deeply taking in the aroma of flowers nearby. "Fine by me." He said Procyon nodded to him. "Right. Well I'm going to go get my pokemon ready, see you in an hour Taron. Come on Bulletwing." With that he led his three headed bird away. Taron sat down in the shade of a nearby tree planning out his battle strategy. "Hmm, well Talon is an obvious choice, but he would be the only pokemon that has an advantage to grass type pokemon." Suddenly he had an idea. The more he thought about this idea, the more he thought it would work, after awhile, this idea turned into a strategy Taron reclined against the tree behind him, satisfied of the strategy he had come up with. It was a shame he didn't have a fire pokemon though, then this battle would be a breeze. He heard the sound of footsteps approaching and turned his head towards the sound. Which was pointless, since Taron is blind and wouldn't be able to see anything anyway, but some instincts die hard. "Hello?" He said. Waiting to hear a reply. It might just be Suik or Procyon trying to sneak up on him. As a joke. "Yah! Oh jeez, don't do that!" Said a young woman, by the sound of her voice Taron judged her to be somewhere around his own age. She was probably one of the gym trainers here. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to surprise you." Taron said shrugging his shoulders The girl frowned and shook her head at him, causing a lock of her light brown hair to fall over her emerald colored eyes, she quickly brushed it away. "What are you doing here anyway?" She said a mild hint of annoyance in her voice. "This gym is for women only." He eyes narrowed suspiciously, "Are you some kind of Peeping Tom?" Taron laughed. "No, I'm not, even if I wanted to be I couldn't, I can't see." He stated bluntly. The girl gasped, then coughed nervously. "I'm sorry." She said after a moment or two of silence. Taron grinned good naturedly at her. "Don't be, I'm not. I was born this way and I'm used to it." He then fixed her with a curious stare. "What's your name?" He asked. "Why do you want to know that?" "I dunno, I just have this feeling that some guy named Saint is getting tired of describing you as The Girl." "What kind of a name is Saint? And while we're at it what are you talking about?" "The answer to both questions is, I don't know" She fixed him with that suspicious look again. "Your weird, and my name is Amanda." "I'm Taron." Amanda grinned. "Hey, did you know that if you spell your name backwards it spells 'No rat?'" Taron blinked at her a few times. "And you say I'M the weird one?" "Real funny." She said, grinning despite herself. "Hey, how come you haven't told me why you're out here. I told you why I was out here." "No you haven't." Taron paused to consider. "You know what? You're right I haven't. Well I'm just waiting for my turn to battle Erika. And you?" "I'm here to check on the Oddish garden I planted earler this week. Hmm Nothing yet though." She sat down on the grass next to him. "So, you're going to battle Erika huh?" She reached into her pocket and withdrew a small spray bottle, "Here this might help." She handed the bottle to Taron. "What is it?" He asked. "It's a Paralyze Heal, I made it myself." "You know ow to make these?" Taron said staring at Amanda with a newfound respect. She grinned and sat up proudly. "Of course, I have the recipe memorized," She closed her eyes. "Three teaspoons of parasect's pollen, One cup of Dandelion leaves, three cups of Gloom sap, one tablespoon of powdered acorns, seven and one half cups of water, put it into a pot and let simmer for seven hours." "There's got to be more to it than that." He said. She blushed. "Well yeah, but that's all I can remember" Taron facefaulted. Then over the loudspeaker.. "Will the Pokemon Trainer, Procyon please report to gym floor for his scheduled match with Erika." The message repeated itself. Taron stood up to leave. "Where are you going?" Amanda said grabbing his arm. "Procyon's my friend and I'm going to watch him battle. Maybe I can study Erika while I'm there, you know, learn her strengths and weaknesses and stuff." "I'll come with you I always like watching Mistress Erika battle." Amanda led the way to the Gym Floor. TBC... Ehh, not much happened but I have writer's block so sue me