From: Jose L. Solano (jsolano199@aol.comlink) Subject: [PW!] Just TRY and keep track of the story Newsgroups: Date: 2000/05/28 Pokewars: Trent Retwin "Just TRY and keep track of the story" Jose L. Solano Trent stood on the beach, admiring his work. He had managed to drown every single villager without trouble. Well, except for one little boy who kicked him in the groin. Trent made sure that boy had a slower death. Now, you're probably wondering just what the hell happened to Trent and why he's acting more evil than usual. The story can be told using... THE DREADED FLASHBACK SEQUENCE Akumachu paced nervously in his chamber, Aurem watching him with an equal amount of nervousness. She wasn't sure why he was so stressed, but it no doubt meant he'd be very angry if he didn't find a solution quickly. And nobody liked being around Akumachu when he became angry. "I just can't believe this, Aurem... betrayed by a human!" "But master, all he did was disobey you..." "Look, which of us is the top demon? Besides, there's no excuse for suddenly changing his motives." "But master, Tenchi Inverse has earned himself a ticket to Hell. If Trent kills him before he can repent, his soul is yours." Akumachu gave Aurem... what appeared to be a frustrated expression, but one couldn't be sure with that skull mask. "You know, Aurem... I think you might actually have something there. I've already forseen that if Trent sends another sinner down to this dump, he'll open a link between Hell and Earth. This is brilliant! I'm glad I thought of this!" *A day later* Tenchi Inverse arrived at Akumachu's temple, having climbed the long stairway. "Welcome to Hell, Inverse. Hope you like slave labor, cause you're going to be here a loooong time." "I always thought I'd experience my worst nightmare for all eternity or something." "Oh, but you will. You've unwittingly done a great favor to me by letting yourself get killed, so I'll reward you by toning down your torture by about half a notch. Guards, take him away." "I didn't let myself get killed! It wasn't a fair fight!" Tenchi yelled as the goat-like guards dragged him away. "Well, at least he didn't kick and scream. Now what, master?" Aurem asked. "Now, Aurem, we step to the other side!" --------------------------------------------------------- Akumachu ended up getting more than he bargained for. He had to convince Trent's subconscious to let him take over. He had, and it seemed the only way to take over the Earth realm was one soul at a time. "Damn prophecies need a fine print..." TBC