From: Foratog5AFTA ( Subject: [PW!] Juvenile Dreams Newsgroups: Date: 2000/06/25 <Sarah...> <What the-> <You are in trouble, Sarah, but don't worry, Nicholas will save you...> <What's going on?> <Do not try to tap into your crystal yet, Sarah. You do not understand your powers yet...> <What the bloody hell are you talking about?!> <Goodbye for now, Sarah...> * * * * * "Hand me the scissors, Joshua," a deep voice said. Sarah had awaken from what seemed like a lifetime of deep sleep. Her muscles felt like liquid, and her skin felt watery and fleshy, like a reptile. She opened her eyes, and saw the horrid face of the strange alien Arcturus through the tight blue paper that was enclosed around her. Sarah screamed bloody murder at the top of her lungs. She pressed against the paper around her, and started to panic. She was starting to become claustraphobic. "NICK!!! HELP ME!!!," she screamed. Sarah started to cry like a lunatic. "Stop screaming, you insane bitch. Nick can't help you anymore," Josh remarked as Arcturus started to cut up the paper around Sarah. She continued to scream, but was too weak to do anything else. Suddenly, her crystal necklace started to flash. "Damn!," Josh yelled. He covered his eyes. Arcturus watched in awe as he saw the crystal pulsate with light faster and brighter each second. Then he looked at the imprint of Sarah's terrorfied facial expression through the paper, and he chuckled insanly. "Yes," he hissed. "She is indeed very powerful... I'm sure her brother is evern stronger..." * * * * * "Sarah? Where are you?" Nick and Jessie were looking all over the S.S. Anne for Sarah. They checked every nook and cranny of the ship, but they couldn't find anything. Discouraged, they returned back to their cabin. "I let her down again," Nick sighed as he sat down onto the bed. Jessie sat down next to him. "I'm sorry, Nick." "Why should you be sorry?" "This is all my fault." Nick put an arm around her. "It's ok." "No, it's not ok!," Jessie said as she jumped up. "I mean, I tried to kill you! I don't see why you love me!" Nick paused, then answered. "We promised." She was surprised that he remembered that. "I mean, how could I not love you?," Nick said as he stood up. He then held Jessie's hands. "I... will always love you... no matter what you do..." Jessie started to get choaked up. "Please, you're gonna make me cry..." "I'm sorry, I just have been needing to get something off my chest for a while..." "What's that?," she asked. "Well, I-" He was cut off as a sharp pain in his forehead struck him. He fell back onto the bed and grabbed his head. "Nick? Are you ok?!" The light in his crystal started to fade a bit. "It's... Sarah... she's... in trouble..." "Well-" "Wait!," Nick yelled. "She's not on the ship." His headache went away, and he got back on his feet. "Josh as taken her off the ship... but... I don't know... where... exactly..." "How do you know this?" "I can just... sense it..." Nick ran over to the dresser and grabbed his Pokeballs. He then ran into the other room and took Sarah's Pokeballs. "We'll use Sarah's Lapras for transportation." "But Nick..." "No time to explain, Jessie," Nick shot back. "We gotta save Sarah." "Ok..." * * * * * The night was young. It was very humid out, and the water was warm. "Ok, I'm ready to go," Jessie said as she looked over the railing of the ship. "I feel like I'm forgetting something," Nick whispered to himself. He looked down the other end of the ship, and at the large crowd of people walking around the ship. He waited for a few minutes. It was like he was expecting to see someone. He sighed. "Where are you... Marley...," he thought to himself. "Nick! Wait for me!," a voice yelled from the crowd. He was a little let down when he saw that it was Kimberly. "Nick! I want to come with you!" Her face was pale. Her lips were blue, and her eyes were blood-shot. There was small spots of blood all over her hands and clothes. Kim was trying to run, but she was limping badly. When she finally got to him, she fell into Nick's arms. "What's wrong, Kim?," Nick asked. "Please take me off this ship, Nick," she begged. "You gotta take me with you." "Why?" Kim franticly looked around and started to cry. "Please! Just take me with you!" "Um, ok," Nick said. He picked Kim up into his arms. "Jessie, lets go." They worked their way through the crowd and boarded off the S.S. Anne. They were now in Porta Vista, the popular resort port. There were many people in the streets having a good time. Bright lights and skinny bikinis everywhere. "Ok," Jessie said, "we need to get your friend some medical attention." Nick followed her to a hospital. "And while we are here, Nick, you and I are both getting check-ups." * * * * * Later that night, Nick, Jessie, and Kim got rooms at a local motel. Kim was by herself, while Nick and Jessie shared a room with one bed. Although they were just friends, Nick and Jessie would always sleep in the same bed. "So how did your check-up go?," Jessie asked Nick. "Well, it was ok, at least until they had to draw blood." "You fainted again?," she asked as she entered the bathroom. "Yup." The phone rang, and Nick answered it. "Is this Nick Sacco?," the voice said. "Um, my name is Nick, but I don't have a last-" "Well, this is Dr. Schinger from the Porta Vista General Hospital. With the blood tests we took from you today, we have matched you up with an unclaimed birth certificate. You were born on May 27th, 1984, correct?" "Yes," he replied. "Well, then your full name is Nicholas Antonio Sacco." Nick was speachless. The doctor on the other line was silent for a while. "Heh, quite a shocker, isn't it?," he said. "Who are my parents?!," Nick said, anxiously. "I'm afraid that information isn't on your birth certificate..." "Damn," Nick mumbled. "Who is it?," Jessie asked from inside the bathroom. "The doctor said he found my birth certificate, and it has my full name-" "What?!," she screamed. "You're kidding me?! Do they also have mine?" "Do you have also have one for a girl, first name Jessie?," Nick asked the doctor. Dr. Schinger shuffled a few papers around. "Jessie... Roberts? Born May 27th?" "Jessie!," Nick yelled. "You last name is 'Roberts!'" She didn't saw a word. "Does she have any parents?," Nick asked. "I'm afraid not. But..." "But?" "It seems you have a twin, Nicholas." "Sarah?" Nick had almost forgotten about her. "Yes, we also have a... Sarah Sacco." "Whoa.." Nick's head was rushing with information overload. In just two minutes, he had found his identity. He had been searching for it all his life, and now he had it. But he was let down that he still didn't know who his parents were. "Well," the doctor said, "I must be going now. Good bye." "Thanks," Nick said as he hung up the phone. He laid down on the bed and stretched out. "Nick Sacco," he thought outloud. "Not bad.." "Oh my god!," Jessie screamed. She ran out of the bathroom, tripped over one of Nick's shoes, and fell on the bed next to him. "What's wrong?," he asked. "Uh.. I.. um.. I think.. I'm... um.. I am.." Jessie was studdering wildly. Her face was pale. "What is it??" "Nick, I'm uh.. I'm.." He held her hands. "Go ahead and tell me." Jessie looked into his eyes, and somehow found the courage to tell him. "I'm... pregnant." * * FLASHBACK * * The year was 1993. Nick and Jessie, both at age nine at the time, were in the playroom of the Cinnabar Island Orphanage. Nick was wearing an old dress shirt with a pin-on tie, and he was carrying a briefcase. "Honey, I'm home!," he yelled with his pre-puberty voice. He sat down on a plastic orange chair and put the briefcase down next to him. Jessie was digging through a toy chest. She pulled out a dungy baby doll, which had a large dent in it's head. She carried the doll like a mother would carry a real baby. "Welcome home, honey!," Jessie said as she kissed Nick on the cheek. "How was work?" Everyday, Jessie would love to play 'house' with Nick. She was the mother, and he was the father. They would use a doll as their baby. Nick never really liked the idea of the game. It was more of a girl thing. But he played it to make Jessie happy. But what Nick didn't know was why Jessie liked to play this game... * * END FLASHBACK * * "Ever since I was a little girl, it's.. always been a dream of mine to have.. a baby with you, Nicky..," Jessie said as she turned her head away. "Oh.." "I've always want to.. have a family.. with you... and now..." She looked back at Nick and smiled. "If you wanted to.. I could..." Nick didn't really think that she was gonna go through with having a kid. There was no possible way they could raise it. They only had enough money to last them a few more days. They didn't even have a place to live, or sleep. But Nick couldn't turn down the offer, so to speak. "I'd love to," he said as he hugged her. Jessie started to cry a little. "Oh, thank you... you've made me so happy..." But there was still something bothering her. She knew something, but was too scared to tell Nick... TBC