From: Brian (bbd127@aol.comikaze) Subject: [PW!F] Marriage, Interrupted Newsgroups: Date: 2000-12-03 17:54:47 PST (OOC: First story featuring Corona. For those of you who didn't read her WG and are wondering what the heck is going on, the answer is her stories are written in poem form, as opposed to the usual prose. Hope it works out okay.) Her maiden name, Corona Sky Her life, begun on Cinnabar Her destiny, a quiet town That lay beside the seas afar. The name of this simplistic place Was merely known as New Bark Town And it was home to Bellatrix, The reason for her wedding gown. Her day of union come at last, She felt a quiet sense of pride That she had found her chosen love And on this day would be his bride. A smile formed upon her lips As she stood there, adorned in white And studied her reflected face That flickered with the candlelight. A final check, to see for sure That all was as it ought to be She made her way into the hall In elegant simplicity. Her dress, as white as any star And perfect as the rising moon Surrounded her with radiance As brilliant as the sun at noon. Then suddenly - a man, in black! He sprang up from the dark nearby Her mouth was covered by his hand And stifled was her fervent cry. His prey secure, he sprang away A deadly smile on his face And in a moment, she was gone With naught but mem'ry in her place. And there, before the altar stood A doubly apprehensive pair Nurse Joy, the makeshift minister And facing her, Bellatrix Flare. Nearby, a nervous Ronan stood An unused ring still in his hand With unsure looks all roundabout And a non-playing wedding band. The lights were on, the people watched And muttered impatient remarks As whispered questions spread about Like miniature fiery sparks. And everybody waited on Expectant of the bride-to-be The seconds slowly ticked away With nothing left to do, or see. TBC