From: Andrusi is going to marry SaraJ ( Subject: [PW!] Mega Changing Super Fighters Newsgroups: Date: 2000-11-30 14:10:35 PST [OOC: The Bomb Ball Bashers and associated characters will be moved into PW!F soon, so I decided to go ahead and post this story--which of course is based on the Present versions of the characters--before the transition.] [OOC2: Yes, this is a parody. If you can't figure out what it's a parody of, either you're crazy or you haven't been exposed to extreme mediocrity yet. Either way, I envy you.] <THEMESONG> They've got some very small brains that they've never used before They've got the ability to cough and to burp and to cough and burp some more No one can get them to shut up The author writes for their si-ye-yi-ye-yi-ye-yi-ye-yi-ye-yide Let's go Super Fighters Let's go Super Fighters Let's go Super Fighters Mega Changing Super Fighters Let's go Super Fighters Let's go Super Fighters Let's go Super Fighters Mega Changing Super Fighters </THEMESONG> DAAHH IT SEEMED LIKE A NORMAL DAY BUT IT WASNT. Andy and Enimuram were walking along a path to Mt. Moon. Guess what? There just happened to be a plot device Pokémon Center there. And so the two Bashers walked in. "What's happening?" Andy asked as he walked in, oblivious to the fact that there isn't always something happening. "Yeah, what's up?" Enimuram said, having suddenly grown a really bad imitation of a New York accent. "Oh, nothing important," Nurse Joy said as she shoved aside the Marowak on which she had been performing open heart surgery. "So what brings you two to this place?" "I don't know. We were on our way to Mt. Moon and suddenly here we were." Enimuram and Andy looked around, then Enimuram continued. "It was weird." "Sounds odd," Joy said, being suddenly too out-of-character to remember that this was the Pokémon Center conveniently located right outside Mt. Moon. Just then a local Officer Jenny walked in, dragging Ted Brotlov. "Hi, everyone," she said. "I just caught ths guy trying to hurt an innocent Magnemite with his evil Voltorbs, and I'm in the habit of dragging dangerous criminals into Pokémon Centers." Nobody thought to ask what had happened to Cyclonus the Electabuzz. "So what's up?" Then some multicolored special effects appeared around the five and they all found themselves in... ...a really weird building, the primary occupant of which was a Haunter that seemed to be more "head" than your average Haunter. Cyclonus was there, too. "Greetings," the Haunter said. "I am Boredon. You are all here because I projected an out-of-character field, allowing you to act strangely, and then I teleported you here. You'll notice your mouths no longer match what you're saying." "Hey, you're right!" Andy said. His lips said "I'm an idiot." "How'd you do that?" Ted asked. His lips said "Me, too." "It's a secret." Boredon went on. "Anyway, I have called you here because there is a giant crazed Dragonite attacking Cerulean City. Observe the Pooing Globe." They all looked at a nearby large sphere depicting a man in a cheap Dragonite costume attacking some carboard boxes in front of a painted sky background. Cyclonus ran around the room shouting "Ai yi yi yi yi!" Boredon continued. "The Dragonite's name is Ytrewpoiu. He will destroy the city unless you stop him." With a flash of special effects, metallic propellor beanies with little pictures of Pokémon on them appeared on the five humans' heads. "These are your Super Changers. I was going to do belt buckles, but none of you wear compatible belts, so that was out. You now have the ability to become the Mega Changing Super Fighters." Abrupt, stunned silence. The silence was broken by Enimuram. "The what?" His lips said something which I will not repeat in a PW!. "Ah, the out-of-character field must have worn off. Oh well. Just hold the hat out in front of you and say the name of the Pokémon printed on the front." The five complied. "Donphan!" "Aerodactyl!" "Rhyhorn!" "Persian!" "Charizard!" They looked at each other. All of them were wearing jumpsuits and helmets. Joy's was pink with sort of an Aerodactylish look. Andy's blue suit included a Rhyhorn helmet. Jenny's suit was yellow with a Persian theme. Enimuram wore a very cool-looking red Charizard suit. And Ted was now dressed in a black... bikini. Which was bad enough, except that it also looked horrible with the Donphan helmet. Everyone looked at Ted and burst out laughing. Boredon shook himself (his head) and said, "This is gonna be harder than I thought." Later, the five stood among a dozen fainted Machokes. "So why, again, was that necessary?" Enimuram said into the wrist communicator that he had been given by Boredon. "Um... Fighters! You must call upon your Pokéboreds to defeat Ytrewpoiu." "Our WHAT?" "Enimuram, stick your hand in the air and say 'We need Pokébored power now' and them all of you jump into the air." Enimuram stick his hand into the air and heard his pants rip. He grimaced, then shouted the aforementioned phrase. The five jumped up and landed in giant Pokémon-shaped robots which had come out of nowhere. Andy paused. "Wait a sec." He thought for a moment. "They're really big powerful robots, they're called Pokéboreds, and they're made by a guy named Boredon? Does that mean Boredon has a really big ego?" The question was ignored. "Fighters!" Boredon's voice came over the communicators again. "You must combine your Pokéboreds to form the ultimate giant robot, Gigabored!" "Um... okay," the Super Fighters replied. A few seconds later Gigabored had been formed. Enimuram stared at Jenny for a minute. "Hey, Andy, did you notice how Jenny's suit accentuates the shape of her body?" "Yeah. Joy, too," Andy replied. "Fighters! You must now attack Ytrewpoiu!" The five looked out the front windshield--none of them could figure out whether they were in the chest or the head--and saw a rather large Dragonite walk up to them and throw a few weak punches which were enough to send Gigabored crashing to the ground. Gigabored got up again, having suffered absolutely no damage for some reason. Odder still, the five inside had not been thrown from their seats. "Fighters!" Boredon called again. "Use the Flower Sword!" A giant sword with a flower at one end appeared in Gigabored's hand. Gigabored slashed at Ytrewpoiu the Dragonite, which exploded and threw cheap special effects everywhere. Gigabored proceeded to pose for a camera photo taken from ground level. A few minutes later, Gigabored and the costumes and hats had disappeared, Jenny and Joy were back in their places, Brotlov and Cyclonus were in a hotel somewhere, and Enimuram and Andy were standing around, bored. "Gee, that was a total waste of our time," Enimuram pointed out. "See, the Dragonite didn't even do any actual damage to the city." "But it helped us with one thing," Andy responded. "What?" "We're in Cerulean now. It saved us the trip to Mt. Moon. Thanks, lazy writer!" (You're welcome.) "Oh." Enimuram smiled. "Cool. So, shall we move on?" At which point the screen froze and some music played. TBC -Andy && I seriously had planned to have PK Ball cameo as the Green Fighter controlling Dratinibored, but I'd have had to explain how he ended up on the wrong side of Mt. Moon so quickly. Oh well.