From: Ghostyhead ( Subject: [PW!] Minor Domestic Newsgroups: Date: 2000/06/19 (I know it sucks, but give me time...) PW! - Minor Domestic "Wak! Marowak! Maro!" Raine's eyes snapped open. Her instincts took control, making her roll clear of the bed, throwing the sheets aside as she leapt. Just as her head cleared the pillow, a sharp twang came from above, closely followed by a metallic thud. Raine carefully got to her feet, her brain finally registering what had just happened. Where her head had just been, a wickedly sharp sword was now driven through pillow, mattress and bed. From another room came the unmistakable sound of a Haunter chuckling. Raine, almost unfazed by the near-miss, fumbled around her bedside cabinet until her hand closed on a Pokéball. The morning sun streamed in through her window and the sounds of traffic were beginning to filter up to her ninth-storey apartment. On the opposite side of the room, Meche was leaning on her bone club, an unmistakable look of relief on her face. Raine nodded thanks to her before creeping through into her small living room, trying to make as little sound as she could, stepping from one pile of discarded clothing to another. Meche followed at a distance. Her trainer's morning routine was just that by now, but she still enjoyed seeing the Haunter get his just desserts from time to time. Sure enough, as Raine peered around the doorway, Spaceghost was hovering over the television, wiping tears of laughter from his slitted eyes. "Hey! Ghosty!" Yelled Raine, leaping into view, the Pokéball aimed squarely at the hapless Pokémon. "Haunt?" Managed Spaceghost, turning. He raised his hands to ward off the beam, but it was too late. With a flash of red light, the little ghost vanished into the ball. "Murderous little sod," murmured Raine as she dropped the ball on the table. "Don't think that's all you're getting, either. This is the last time, Spaceghost, you hear?" Meche strolled casually into the room, throwing her club into the air and catching it. Her trainer had gone into the apartment's tiny bathroom and she was getting hungry, so she wandered over to the refrigerator and pulled out a pack of eggs. "Keep an eye on Ghosty, will you?" asked Raine, her voice echoing from the shower. "Maro." answered Meche, breaking an egg into a frying pan. Being owned by a trainer with a somewhat hit-and-miss approach to feeding had led Meche to develop a few new talents in the years they had been together. "Thanks for the warning, by the way," continued Raine above the sound of water. "One of these days they'll invent a ball that can actually hold him for more than ten minutes." "Wak. Marowak." agreed Meche, glancing across at Spaceghost's Pokéball. "At least it was only one sword today." "Wak?" A loud crash sounded from the bathroom, followed by another metallic twang and a string of swearing from Raine. Wrapped in a towel, she burst through the door dripping with water and a little blood from a small cut on her leg. Meche glared at Spaceghost's ball, from which was emanating muffled laughter. "Make that two swords." Muttered Raine, before turning and stomping back into the bathroom. Meche sighed and returned to her cooking. It was about half an hour later, and Raine was walking down Celadon City's packed high street, breathing in the morning air. The breeze felt relaxing after her brush with domestic death. A sound on the edge of her hearing was irritating her, though. It sounded like a crowd cheering. Oh well, she thought. Probably just a parade or something. Even Meche looked happy as she wandered along next to her trainer, throwing her bone from hand to hand and humming something tuneless. "You know, Meche, I think I'm going to let Ghosty have a bit of exercise," said Raine. The little Marowak suddenly looked worried. "It's not like that time he blew up the corner shop, after all." mused Raine, hunting in her pocket for the Haunter's Pokéball. "I wish I knew where he was getting those swords, though." (note: The shopkeeper of Jerry's Antiques, in Saffron City, was putting his kids through college on Spaceghost's sword habit. Jerry had long since stopped asking why a Pokémon wanted antique swords and how he was getting the money. You should too.) With a flash, Spaceghost's ball opened. A couple of people who lived nearby and recognised Raine immediately screamed and dived for cover, and were left feeling a little stupid when the ball released nothing more than a scrap of paper. Meche stamped on it to stop it blowing away, then passed it up to Raine, since for all her talents, the Pokémon had never quite got the hang of reading. "Oh shit." breathed Raine. A chill ran down her spine as she realised that the crowd noise sounded awfully like a series of small explosions and screaming. The scrap of paper drifted to the floor as Raine and Meche dived through the crowds towards the noise. GOn DesTROYing StUff. BACk sOOn. LuV SpACEghSt Ps.. DiE bTCH