From: ( Subject: [PW!] More of Team Rocket's Plotting Newsgroups: Date: 2000/06/14 More of Team Rocket's Plotting Last time, Rozy and someone else using her Kario undercover name also! They defeated Kario and Rozy, but Meeko was fired at and Sinko took the bullet! Sinko was carried off the hospital, and after Meeko was over her shock, she mailed the Pokémon Team Rocket stole back to the rest of Clan Caterpie 2000. "'s he doing?" Meeko asked the doctor. " Not too well, he's still in a coma." " Can I...see him?" " Go ahead." Meeko walked through the door, Lifesaver tried to follow but the doctor stopped him. " Pokémon aren't allowed." Lifesaver stared at him a while before guarding the door from any suspicious people. Meeko held Sinko's hand, " Sinko? Please get better soon..." he remained still. " I'll get those brats. But this comes to my advantage. I never told them that the other agent was pretending to be my under cover self, Kario. Now I can return to the Clan and pretend that she was another Kario. Soon Meeko, soon, you will be dead. As well as for pretty boy, what's his name, Sinko?" Rozy grinned at her plot. Her Ekans cackled evilly and she too, joined in. " Please...Sinko...I don't want to lose you." a tear rolled down Meeko's cheek and onto Sinko's hand. To Be Continued... How will CC2K handle Rozy's new plans? Will Sinko survive? What other plans might Team Rocket have? Find out next time!