From: Cat-Gonk ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Nine-Tenths of the Lore. Newsgroups: Date: 2000-08-18 01:11:26 PST Meeh! Meeh meeh Sat, 12 Aug 2000 19:22:09 -0400, caheeh meeh meeh Continue <> meeh caheeh! >In the meantime, Night Shade was taking advantage of the confusion that >she had stirred up. She had seen Damian return a pokeball containing >one of his pokemon to his backpack. In the midst of the confusion, she >grabbed two pokeballs from his backpack. That was all that she got the >chance to grab before she saw things going wrong. > >Night Shade noticed that no one had yet attacked the Haunter. Worse >yet, Fantasma was now pointing at her. "Damn!" Night Shade thought >to herself "All it would have taken was one attack from anyone. If >anyone had hit that Haunter she would have had exactly what she >needed!" As soon as that thought completed, Night Shade felt something >leap from her mind. > >Fantasma reeled as if struck by something and Sarah Jane?s eyes widened >in surprise. "That was a psychic attack?" she turned and looked over >where Night Shade stood next to Damian "and it came from Kirsty?!" > >Damian was taken aback. "How is that possible? Kirsty doesn?t have >enough brain power to?" He turned with the rest to face Kirsty? Accidentally, Night Shade had released a bolt of mental energy. A brilliant purple spark arced between her and Fantasma, striking the Haunter in the forehead. "Darn," muttered Night Shade. It was now or never. Extending her arms forwards, Night Shade let rip with a flurry of Psybeams. Confused by her seemingly human assailant's attack, Fantasma hovered motionless in the air. Normally, Night Shade would have no chance against another Haunter of higher experience and level, but she had already landed a hit by accident and had the element of suprise. The psychic attacks threw the stunned Fantasma backwards, knocking it unconscious. "What the..." gasped Jon, too shocked to move. Kirsty definately wasn't psychic, and people just didn't learn to throw around psionic energy overnight. And last time he looked, her eyes weren't purple. While the group stood in shock, staring at Kirsty in suprise, she began to laugh in a deeper, more malicious voice to her own. Arcane purple flames swirled around her, but rather than releasing light they seemed to absorb it from the air around her. A bright point of energy appeared in the centre of her forehead, shimmering and swirling in the darkness around her. <She's going to use Night Shade!> squeaked Kreskin. <Take cover!> The air around Night Shade rippled as she threw her arms out, releasing a wave of mental power that blanketed the area around her. Sensing the blast of energy approach, Sarah Jane threw herself to the ground, shielding Pteryx with her own body. Due to her own latent psychic powers, the attack only knocked the wind out of her. The rest of the group was thrown backwards, away from Night Shade, but remained relatively unhurt with only a few bruises from the fall. Their Pokemon were almost unscathed. "I thought her attacks would be stronger than that," thought Sarah Jane as she looked up from the ground, "if she managed to knock out Fantasma with only a few hits then she must be relatively powerful." Shields collapsed, his mental defenses proving inadequate to defend against the spiritual assault. Night Shade had singled out the most powerful Pokemon in the vicinity, and attacked him head-on. Ghost abilities had mixed effects on psychic Pokemon, ranging from no damage at all to horrendous internal injuries, and this time, Night Shade had gotten lucky enough to knock out the largest threat to her survival. Laughing, Night Shade began to speak in her own voice through Kirsty's body. "To denounce the evils of truth and love, To extend our reach to the stars above. Team Rocket, blast of at the speed of light. Surrender now, or prepare to fight!" It was an older version of the Team Rocket motto, something Night Shade remembered clearly from her past life. The group knew something was wrong. Kirsty didn't even know who Team Rocket was, let alone their anthem. There was no way she could have been faking it all this time, not without one of the group's psychic Pokemon noticing. "Ninetales! Flamethrower!" shouted Jon. Picking himself up off the ground, he began the counterattack. Without thinking, Damian took off his backpack, and reached inside for Foci's Pokeball. To his suprise, it was missing, as was Bruiser's. Searching inside, he picked up the Pokeballs containing B-Clef and Spook. He was about to release them when he realised that he might hurt his friend if he did so. Damian crawled across the ground to Runt, who was whispering to his Butterfree. "What's going on?" said Damian. "Something's happened to Kirsty, and I've lost two of my Pokeballs." "Her psychic attacks weren't launched from her mind," said Runt, relaying the message from Kreskin. "There's definately something controlling her." Jon's Ninetales leapt past Night Shade, blowing flame at its opponent as it did so. Night Shade vaulted up into the air, somersaulting backwards, and landed flat on her face. "I should have known this body wasn't good enough," said Night Shade, spitting the dirt out of her mouth. She dodged to the side as another blast of flame rushed towards her, and formed a ball of mental energy with her hands. <Look out! That's a Confuse Ray!> yelled Kreskin. As they were both Pokemon, Ninetales understood the Butterfree's high-pitched cries perfectly. As Night Shade released the shimmering ball of light, Ninetales gracefully leapt sideways and attacked with a Confuse Ray of its own. Night Shade easily avoided the attack, only to be struck with a bolt of electricity. Behind her, Jolteon geared up for another attack. Jon had decided to tip the odds in his favour with a second Pokemon. Diving behind a bush, Night Shade reached for Kirsty's Pokebelt. "Ninetales! Burn it down!" Pokeballs weren't built like they used to, and after not finding a release button anywhere on the metal sphere, Night Shade simply threw it to the ground. Gyarados materialised in front of her, and took the full force of Ninetales' Flamethrower attack. TBC.