From: Continue ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Not going to PokèDisney Newsgroups: Date: 2000/08/13 Adrian Tymes wrote: >A statue that could pass for an uncarved boulder lurked in a >particularly dark shadow. The only signs of motion was the wind >playing through various leaves and grass stems, and a meowth pouncing >on one of those leaves every so often. > >Memuyo's tail twitched as he sensed something approaching. Turning >to look, he only saw another leaf drifting his way. Unthreatening, but it >was still a pounce target, blowing closer... > >...and closer... > >...and closer... > >...and shouldn't it be in pounce range already?... > >...and closer... > >...and that's larger than a leaf has business being... > >Memuyo barely dodged the giant vegetation pouncing on him. > >"Almost." The leaf shimmered, turned red, and pooled into another >meowth, which smiled at the first. "Nice dodge." > >"Meowth." > >The statue moved, revealing itself to actually be a formerly resting >dragonite. "So, what'd she say?" > >Mimic shrugged. "Like me, she have no need for money. Here." He >proffered up two slips of paper - his and Aerie's portion of the prize >money, with Maria's perfectly forged signature on the back endorsing >them over to whoever held the checks. > >Drake blinked, then took the notes. "I still don't understand..." > >And ducked a stream of coins. > >Mimic shrugged again. "Still no know quite how Pay Day work, but >can do it as needed. Maybe need money if someday want become super >rich or something, but Mimic think can contribute better by what >Mimic can do and be and others can not. Mimic do what only Mimic >can to make world better place. And that no need that much money." > >"...right." Drake put the slips of paper in his bag. "Well, my idea for a business isn?t going to end Team Rocket or save the Lapras, but it?ll cut down on pollution if enough people use it. I?m still going to need money to get it started, among other things." "Meow owth meowth" Memuyo chimed in. "And that?s the other thing. I don?t feel like flying far enough to get us back to the mainland." Drake jerked the claw that served as his thumb over at Memuyo. "Especially since he?s a full-traction flyer." "Too far to teleport unless feel like swimming in the middle. Looks like have to arrange for travel by boat or plane." Mimic reasoned. "It?ll cost less to go by boat rather than fly, so I think another ocean trip would be better. Does anyone think that?s a bad idea?" Drake asked of the two Meowths there. In response Mimic calmly shook his now-feline head, while Memuyo emphatically shook his. "In that case, let?s check out what we can get at the port." With that the trio of pokemon left the grassy overlook and headed down the streets to the port. After arriving at the port, the trio was quickly able to locate the shack for the harbormaster on duty. Strolling up to the window, all three noted that only Drake would be able to be seen. Memuyo and Mimic remedied this by jumping up to the ledge at the bottom of the window. A shadow fell over the harbormaster as he sat reading his book. Out of reflex he set it aside and asked "What do ya? need help with?" One of his eyes narrowed and the eyebrow of the other one raised when he saw a Dragonite and a pair of Meowths looking at him from the window. "We?re looking for a boat that?s headed towards the mainland." Drake told the man. "There?s a reg?lar ferry headin? ta Maiden?s Peak in a hour. Ya can get tickets here. How many ya need?" The Dragonite looked at the pair of Meowths "You two are small enough to count as one, right?" "If size matter, Drake count as one and a half then," Mimic countered "Also less hassle to just have ticket for each of us, in case someone insist." "Okay, three then." Drake looked back at the harbormaster, who was already getting three tickets off the roll. After money was exchanged, the harbormaster gave directions to the ferry and the trio departed. The harbormaster sat down and picked up his book again. "Hmph. I?ve just been talkin? to a buncha? pokemon." He looked at the hot sun shining brightly through the window. "Looks like it?s time ta get an overhang fer the window." <TBC?> Jeff Hauser* *Sig Sold Seperately