From: Marco262 ( Subject: [PW!] Not scrambled eggs again! Newsgroups: Date: 2000-09-07 22:55:42 PST Jason was in his element. Throwing back his head, he filled his lungs and trumpeted a perfect high C, wavering the note to the final drum roll. The crowd went wild. Jason grinned out at the roaring crowd, eyes shining from the adrenaline and exhilaration. He put his mike back in the stand and wiped his hand through his sweat-drenched hair. ?Thank you Viridian! Goodnight!? He held up his hands in his traditional goodnight gesture. Ella blew several kisses at the male pokémon in the audience, trying to get the numbness out of her lips. Rivet was taking several deep bows next to Miami, who had already thrown his bandanna to a lanky, female Cubone in the front row. Mozart put away his keyboards and walked offstage. DJ clapped silently for the band. He put away his soundboard and, after first checking all the equipment, disconnected the power cord from Gigawatt, who immediately went into Sleep Mode. By the time he had done, all the people had left the audience area in front of the outdoor stage the band had performed on. DJ waddled up the steps to where Jason was sitting in a folding chair he had brought up to his usual spot where he sang from. He had his eyes closed, playing the night over and over again in his memory. He looked around the stage through his mind?s eye. Ella stood to the left of him, a harmonica perched between her lips, singing harmony at certain intervals. He saw to his right, Rivet thrummed his guitar during the tune-up session before the concert. Behind Rivet, Miami pounded on his drum set energetically, caught in the beat of one of his favorite songs. Behind Ella, Jason imagined, Mozart had his eyes closed, his fingers leading the keys on a powerful solo. Jason was startled by DJ?s voice. <You?re getting better, Jason.> Jason stretched his arms over his head and stood up. ?Them more than me. Ella?s doing a great job switching between instrumental and vocal. I know it?s tough for her to try and play so many different instruments at a time. DJ, we need to get another woodwind player.? <Ella?s not going to be happy to hear she?s being replaced.> ?What? Oh no! I?m not even thinking of replacing her. We need someone to play the trumpet while she plays the sax. Did you see how frustrated she got when we played the Pink Persian? She told me it sounded wrong without the trumpet back up.? <Jason, I seriously doubt we can even afford another player, even an extra set of drums would set us over the budget. If you don?t mind me saying, the band?s not attracting a sufficient crowd size to keep it going. If we don?t do any better, you?ll have to go back to pokémon training.> Jason turned and stared at his wise Chansey. In fact he was probably wiser than any creature Jason?d ever met. He sat back down with a sigh. ?You?re right, unfotunately. If only we had another Ella, we?d be in much better shape.? DJ watched the gears in Jason?s head grind. He reached into his egg pouch and rummaged around in it for a while. Suddenly, Jason found himself staring at a small, light blue egg. <Food for thought?> DJ smiled apprehensively. Jason smiled back. ?Thanks DJ.? Jason peeled the soft thin skin away from the egg and brought it up to his mouth. It was only inches away when it suddenly fell from his hands. DJ stared aghast at his precious egg staining the stage floor. He glared up at Jason furiously. Jason stared straight ahead. His mouth transformed slowly from an astonished ?O? to a loony grin. Without a single word, he leapt from his seat off the stage onto the ground. He turned to the confused and still angry Chansey. ?I should be back by dinner DJ, I think I might?ve solved or musician problem.? Before DJ could open his mouth to argue, Jason was gone. DJ sighed and gently picked up the undirtied pieces of his egg from the floor. Fortunately for him, Chansey eggs expanded in size greatly when cooked and were very nutritious. Looked to him like he?d be cooked for an all pokémon crowd yet again. TBC... (Finally! Two posts in one night! Woohoo! :^))