From: Marco262 ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Observations Newsgroups: Date: 2000-12-11 21:55:10 PST (I'd meant to post this before I went on my little "vacation", but for some reason, it ended up in my Drafts folder. Better late than never. Thsi is my reply to the last post in the Observations thread.) Insanellama wrote: > Insanellama was positively irate. He had almost worked himself up to a > full scale yell. He stopped in mid-semi-yell > as he realized what he was doing. In the entire time he had been a trainer, > never once, not once, had he ever yelled at Darkhorse. "I'm sorry boy, I > don't know what's got you so riled, but I reckon you have a fair enough > reason to be riled. Just please be nice to the gentlemen layin on the ground > there. I promised him we'd give him a ride to the next town, and I don't > like goin back on my word." > > Insanellama walked over and offered Simeon a hand. With the help, > Simeon stood. "I don't know what happened," said Insanellama, "I'm terribly > sorry, but I don't think it will happen again." > > TBC??? Simeon shook off Insanellama and dusted his clothes off. His Spearow flapping wildly, very shaken up by the experience. Simeon loosened its claws a little from his shoulder and looked down at the deep holes its claws had made in his shoulder. The Spearow was very upset, thinking he had hurt his master. Simeon reassured him and closed his eyes. The holes in his flesh disappeared and the Spearow settled gently back into his usual spot. Simeon looked up at Insanellama. He had seen everything. Simeon brushed roughly past him and mounted Darkhorse, much to the Rapidash's displeasure. This time, Simeon kept one hand on his neck, to make sure he didn't buck him. Insanellama shook his head sharply and took Darkhorse's reigns. TBC?