From: Silversean ( Subject: [PW!] Off to Pallet.... Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/08 [ Previously Daniel Samson (who is not related to Smasher) ran across a scary little Nidoran female, but soon it befriended him for no apparent reason (and if you don't mind, I'll keep it that way.) ] "Hey Mario," Daniel smiled as he walked through the jingling barber shop door. "Daniel! Whatcha gonna uh-do today?" A mustached man with a thick italian accent waved. "Getting rid of all of it." Daniel grinned, pointing to his mop of long hair. "Are you uh-sure?" Mario stroked his chin. "Yeah I'll just get in the way." A smile started to spread across Daniel's face. "In the way of uh-what?" Mario asked. "My Pokémon training!" Daniel cracked a full smile, and through out a PokéBall, which snapped open and unleashed the small Nidoran (f) Daniel had encountered earlier. "Yay! Daniel uh-did it! Whatsa uh-his uh-name ah?" "Um..." Daniel looked around, embarressed. He hadn't thought of a name yet. He searched the barber shop, and came across a crumpled-up M&Ms bag. "Um, Nutty Eminems..." "Eh?" Mario lifted an eyebrow. "You've always uh-been an odd uh-boy...well, sit uh-down on ze uh-chair, I'll see what I can uh-do." Daniel, with a nod, sat down on the barber chair and took one last look at his brown locks. The next day... "Well...I'm off. Come on, Eminem." Daniel smiled, picking up his little Nidoran. Before he boarded the small ferry, his mother called to him. "Hey Danny, take off the hat so I can take a picture." "Ummm..." Daniel groaned, and took off his bucket hat...revealing a beautiful head full of 1 millimeter hairs. Smiling for the camera, Daniel knew he was going to be in for an adventure. ----------------------- (Yes, I know Eminem is a rapper, but my cat's name is Skittles, and, well, y'know....Skittles and M&Ms...get it?) Sig in Progress