From: Tech Weaver In A Pear Tree ( Subject: Re: [PW!F][ATTN: Tech] One Cherry Coke with Ice, Please... Newsgroups: Date: 2000-12-19 12:26:22 PST I was hoping to get my second story done first, but what the hey. "Pipian the Drunken Elf" <> wrote in message news:91mnqg$1d6$ > > Yuki walked past her, thanking her for her help and immediately claimed > a spot on the sofa across from a lanky teenage girl who looked like she was > just sleeping... But no, she was apparently jsut thinking about > something... Nurse Joy walked past the sofas mumbling to herself about a > single girl not being a we. > "Hello?" > Yuki put her stuff down and laid out her shoes. > "Hello? Anyone there?" she called to the other girl, "Or are you just > contemplating karma and how to reach an everlasting paradise that does not > truly exist and for all we know, never has existed?" > Yolei blinked as her mind snapped away from Lynkeru and all the trouble she could get in when only armed with two swords and a small, glowing bug and back to reality which currently seemed to include a slightly damp, green-haired girl who had just asked her a long and possibly hypothetical question. "What?" Yolei asked, looking in the green-haired girl's direction. ... And that's all I can come up with. > Question of the day: > Will a line from the next post be: > > "Damn it's cold out there!" > "I should think so," replied Yuki. "You aren't wearing any pants..." > > Or won't it? > Nope.