From: Pipian the Drunken Elf ( Subject: Re: [PW!F][ATTN: Tech] One Cherry Coke with Ice, Please... Newsgroups: Date: 2000-12-21 16:14:44 PST "Tech Weaver In A Pear Tree" <> wrote in message news:91ts2t$2a1$ > Is Frostneck in Majora's Mask? I don't remember it being in Ocarina of > Time. Frostneck is my twist on Snowhead. This is what I was suggesting by changing the names of places besides Hyriln. Ice Labyrinth not being Ice Path, but Ice Cavern. > > "Yes, I know that it's cold outside..." > > Mamoru would have had several nosebleeds by now, in the company of > > several cute women, but he couldn't have a nosebleed if he wasn't in > > control, but he had passed out anyway... > > > Yolei watched the girl she at first thought was Lynkeru go up to the counter > to get her Pokemon healed. After finding that she wasn't doing anything > worth watching despite having ranted about cold fire, she turned her > attention back to Yuki. > > "So you're a student of a Gym Leader?" Yolei asked, returning to the > conversation's previous topic. > > "Yep," Yuki replied. > > "I didn't know Gym Leader's took on students," Yolei admitted. "What's that > like?" "Well, I don't know about learning for yourself, but It's pretty tough. But I'm sure it'll serve me well. I've never battled outside of training matches at the gym, but I don't think I'll have a problem... *MEANWHILE, at the Pokémon Center counter* "And I had to walk through thirty million miles of raging sandstorms to meet the Wizard of Pot." "You must mean the Wizard of Oz," replied Nurse Joy. "No, it was the Wizard of Pot. He lived in an old pot and offered me some grass to chew. Something about me giving milk and being a Cartoise of some type. I've never seen a Cartoise. Maybe it was a Blastoise like the one I saw down at Tortoise Creek..." Nurse Joy sighed. "Oh, dear... You seem to be sufferring from 4S... Or Sudden Snow Shock Syndrome... I'd better take you to a room while I heal your Pokémon... Hey! You aren't wearing any pants!" The girl took no heed of Nurse Joy. "Yes... I ate there in Dallas once... Dalas had pretty cellophane flowers and kaleidoscope eyes. And there was snow... Which was so cold, but I've been in other cold places, but this is ridiculous. I wear shorts, not pants, because shorts are cool, but not in the winter because it's ridiculously cold out there now. And I've been through cold fire!" "Yeah... I'd say she has 4S..." She led the girl to a room in the back to set her down, passing by a TV without noticing it. "Our other top story, ex-Weadle John Lindblum was shot today by a deranged female fan in Cherrygrove City. Lindblum is in stable condition right now and is expected to recover without incident. The suspect, police have gathered, looks similar to this sketch." The sketch shown was remarkably similar to the girl in the Pokémon Center... *BACK to our protagonists* "Really?" replied Yolei. "Yeah. So tell me, what are you doing here anyway?" asked Yuki. There... I added the middle part for no particular reason, other than to clear up some things about the girl who looked like Lynkeru and her weird talking... As for the title, I came up with it for no apparent reason whatsoever other than the story ends in Cherrygrove and it's an ice storm... As for the Coke? I dunno where that came from.