From: Tom, Darth Psyduck ( Subject: [PW!] On the way to Celadon City Newsgroups: Date: 2000/06/24 "Good luck on your adventure Tom !" added Mr. Psychic, waving goodbye. "And don't forget to visit me sometimes !" "Thanks for all !" replied the young man in robes. "And may the For....I meant may the health be with you !" Tom slowly wandered away, holding a Pokéball in hand. When leaving the outskirts of Saffron, he let out his newly acquired friend. He threw the ball one meter in front of him. Before him materialised a silhouette of a duck. After the bright red light faded away, a Psyduck could be seen. "Hello little friend, I'm Tom," greeted the trainer. "Psy ?" asked the Psyduck, inclining its head. "Well yes, I am your trainer, from a certain point of view." "Psy psyie. Duck." nodded the Pokémon in agreement. Tom, now with Psyduck by his side, started his walking in the west direction. From what Mr. Psychic told him, there should be a big city, named Caledon. Or Ciledon. Or whatever it was. As he looked around, he examined his surroundings very closely, like his master taught him to. Clouds started to gather and it began to rain, eventually. The duo quickly found cover in a nearby forest. This place reminded Tom of his birth-place. *** FLASHBACK *** "Tom, where are you ?" shouted a woman, looking for someone. "Get in the house, the dinner is ready !" From the top of a tree jumped a young boy after the woman, no one other than Tom. Trying not to hurt himself, he tried to levitate within 70 centimeters of the ground. His stomache growled, breaking the boys concentration and leaving him in mid-air for about three seconds. "Ouch !" grumbled Tom, after the fall, rubbing his aching back. *** END OF FLASHBACK *** The sky was clear now, and the two were out of the forest. Tom noticed some buildings, not far away, so he sped up, and reached the city in a while. As he looked around, he noticed some things. The first one was a trainer on a Fearow, landing nearby. The second was the devastated street, he was standing on and an almost destroyed building, with a big P on the top of it. A lot of cars that had a loud siren were coming here, along with some big vans that had antenas. Sitting on the stairs was a young woman with a Marowak by her side. Tom, as friendly as he could be, stepped to her. "Hello..." <TBC>