From: Neo J Menasor ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Painful Choices Newsgroups: Date: 2000/06/24 >Now Nick was alone in the room with Jessie. He was too afraid >to walk over to her. Maybe she still hated him. After a few >seconds of staring into her eyes, her started to walk over to >where she laid still on the cold ground. ***Later that night*** Arcturus and Josh stopped in the engine room of the ship. Josh had Sarah, wrapped in a blue sheet, slumped over his shoulder. As they both caught their breath Arcturus began, "You stupid fool! Why didn't you shoot the boy when you had the chance?" Josh looked over at his partner, "If you didn't notice, he blinded me!" Arcturus threw his hand in the air, "Of course, the scum has to make an excuse!" Arcturus soon felt the cold steel of a pistol shoved into his cheek. He narrowed his eyes and looked at Josh, who looked serious enough to pull the trigger. Josh growled, "I've had enough of you." Arcturus didn't blink an eye, "Put the gun down, Joshua." Josh growled, "Why don't you make me you over-sized Cockroach?" Arcturus laughed, "Alright.." in a swift motion he grabbed Josh's other arm and flipped Josh around. After some struggling Arcturus stood, Josh's gun in hand, standing over the fallen Rocket. Arcturus laughed, "I think I've made you, Joshua. Let's get going." Arcturus tossed Josh's gun to the floor. Josh grabbed the gun and picked up Sarah. Then they were off. Under the cover of night the two creeped on board the ship. Eventually Josh turned to Arcturus and said, "Where the hell are we going?" Arcturus stopped, " you want to go to Nemesis?" Josh looked at Arcturus with a 'What the hell?' look. Arcturus nodded, "Yes, Nemesis. It's my...base of operations, so to speak." Josh shrugged, "We might as well, the police might not find us-" "STOP RIGHT THERE!" the both turned around to see a Jenny standing a few meters away from them, she was flanked by 4 tall muscular police officers. Arcturus sighed, "Uh oh, the cops." he said in a depressed tone. The cops opened fire, Josh and Arcturus took cover behind some of the lawn furniture that was on the deck of the ship. Josh fired back at them. Arcturus looked over at Josh, "Well Joshua, any ideas?" Josh grabbed a Pokeball and tossed it out into the crossfire. After a flash of light, Wartortle appeared, and began dodging the bullets. Josh yelled, "Wartortle, Ice beam!" Wartortle fired a blue beam out of his mouth and froze the guns of the cops. The cops shook the ice blocks that were now on their hands. Josh returned Wartortle and ran. Arcturus looked at the running form of Josh, "Thanks a lot, Joshua!" Arcturus got up and ran after him. They reached the front of the ship. Josh said in between breaths, "" Arcturus looked at him, "Joshua, where is the girl?" Josh moved his shoulders, "She's right.......well, fuck." Sarah was gone, "You idiot, what are going to do?" roared Arcturus. Josh glared at him, "Listen, why don't YOU try carrying her around? She was starting to make my shoulder ache." Arcturus growled, "YOU PATHETIC FOOL! HOW COULD YOU JUST LAY DOWN AN IMPORTANT GIRL LIKE THAT JUST ON THE DECK OF THE DAMNED SHIP?!" Josh was suprised at the shrillness of Arcturus's voice. His usually deep, calm, sophisticated voice was replaced by a shrill, insect like screech. Josh was fascinated by his new partner, but he didn't know whether to be brave or scared around the strange alien. However, Arcturus said, "Ahem, sorry. Well, she can't be far. Go get her." Josh walked back to where he had put down Sarah. When he got there he found the cops that were shooting at him before were now around Sarah. He knew that he had to get her. He got rid of any small traces of fear he had and ran into the group of police. He knocked them away and grabbed Sarah. The cops opened fire, but Josh was already gone. Josh returned with Sarah. Arcturus had been waiting on the guard rails of the boat. Josh looked at Arcturus, "Well...where to?" Arcturus looked out over the sea, "I don't know, Nemesis would be to far to swim to. I think we could make it to land." TBC