From: Jose L. Solano (jsolano199@aol.comlink) Subject: [PW!] Pepto Bismol. Right. Newsgroups: Date: 2000-08-27 00:28:48 PST Pokewars: Trent Retwin "Pepto Bismol. Right." Jose L. Solano Trent sat in his small, dark cell, his arm around a depressed Katherine. She had stopped crying now, but seemed like she was ready to start back up again at any moment. They had been taken to an underwater base somewhere near Nal Hutta via a small submarine. There didn't seem to be any logic in building a base underwater, nor specifically taking them there. Two guards flanked the cell, holding large rifles and mild armor, probably due to budget cuts. At each end of the cell block stood a pair of Scyther. The other cells looked dirty and used, yet they were empty. "Kate, listen, I'm really sorry I had to get you into this mess..." "Me?! ME?! Who cares about me, I'm already dead! You had to bring Nicholas into this, and who knows what they'll do to him!" "They can't hold us here forever. I have a plan." Trent walked up to the bars and looked towards one of the guards. "Excuse me, guard? My cellmate has a stomachache." "Really? I happen to have some Pepto Bismol on me." "Uh... ok, thanks." Trent walked back to his seat. "You were saying?" "Ok, find. I'll figure out some other way to get out." "You better, Trent, because if I have to spend my last two days on Earth in this cell I'm going to beat the living hell out of you!" "Was that a pun?!"