From: Andrusi (andyvvv@aol.comagnemite) Subject: [PW!] PK-BALLER WILL DESTROY YOU with special guest star Geodudoo Newsgroups: Date: 2000/06/09 [PW!] PK-BALLER WILL DESTROY YOU starring P. K. Ball co-starring The Anonymous People with special guest star Geodudoo [Author's Note: The NPC known as Geodudoo is not of my own creation, so... well... um... you get the idea, right? Anyway, the real owner is... You know, I have no idea who the real owner is. Will the real owner please step forward? Please? Come on. They want to know!] PK Ball floated into Mt. Moon alongside a man dressed completely in black. "So, you liberate Pokéballs from trainers?" PK Ball asked. "Yes, and I also take their Pokémon as punishment for abducting the helpless Pokéballs," the man replied. "Wow. It's nice to meet a kindred spirit every so often. By the way, what does the R on your shirt stand for?" "Um... Running," the Rocket said. "I'm a cross-country runner. Well, gotta go train. Bye!" He ran away in some random direction, laughing to himself about how gullible the talking Pokéball had been. Then he was killed and eaten by a crazed Clefairy, who then disappeared along with a scientist, an Alakazam-brained Golduck, and a Persian with a whole bunch of extra parts grafted on. Maybe they were abducted by aliens. I don't know. Now convinced that his was not a hopeless cause, PK Ball sped through the cave, making decisions at nearly the speed of light. Stalagmite, turn left! Stalagmite, turn right! Lots of stalagmites, go up! Stalactite, go down! Dead end! Turn around! Too slow! Too late! Say "Uh oh"! Brace for impact! WHACK! Ouch. After this painful experience, PK slowed down. He moved slowly. VERY slowly. So slowly... that he was outpaced by a Geodude. "GEODUDOO IS FASTER THAN YOU," the Geodude shouted. "GEODUDOO IS SUPERIOR." PK blinked... or he would have, except he didn't have eyes. "Geodudoo? Who's that?" "GEODUDOO IS GEODUDOO. GEODUDOO JUST MOVED FASTER THAN YOU. GEODUDOO IS THE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD. GEODUDOO WILL DESTROY YOU." "Oh, so YOU'RE Geodudoo." PK's oversized ego and lack of respect for others came into play. "Forgive me, I was expecting somebody less pathetic." "GEODUDOO IS ANGRY. GEODUDOO HAS JUST BUMPED YOU UP ON HIS LIST. GEODUDOO WILL DESTROY YOU." "List? What list?" "GEODUDOO'S LIST OF PEOPLE TO DESTROY." "Who's on the list?" "THAT'S FOR GEODUDOO TO KNOW AND YOU TO FIND OUT. GEODUDOO WILL BREAK YOUR HANDS AND FOOT." "I don't have either." "GEODUDOO WILL DESTROY YOU." "You already said that." "GEODUDOO WILL DESTROY YOU. THANK YOU." "Um... you're welcome. Bye." PK began to leave. "GOODBYE, POKEYBALL. GEODUDOO WILL DESTROY YOU." PK stopped. His lower half turning as red as his upper half, he slowly turned around. "!" "GOODBYE, POKEYBALL. GEODUDOO WILL DESTROY YOU." "YOU CALLED ME POKEYBALL?!?!?!?!?!" Enraged, PK Ball began to shout in all capital letters. "ALL RIGHT! IF YOU WANT TO FIGHT, LET'S DO IT!" "GOOD. GEODUDOO WILL DESTROY YOU NOW, THEN." "NO, I WILL DESTROY YOU." "GEODUDOO WILL DESTROY YOU!" "PK-BALLER WILL DESTROY YOU!" After a while, a crowd began to form around the two individuals who each had more idiocy than Ash Ketchum, Ted Brotlov, and Misty's Psyduck combined. "GEODUDOO IS THE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!!" "PK-BALLER IS THE CHAMPION OF THE INNER PLANETS!!!" "GEODUDOO IS THE CHAMPION OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM!!!" "PK-BALLER IS THE CHAMPION OF THE SPIRAL ARM!!!" "GEODUDOO IS THE CHAMPION OF THE GALAXY!!!" "PK-BALLER IS THE CHAMPION OF ALL THE GALAXIES!!!" "GEODUDOO IS THE CHAMPION OF THE UNIVERSE!!!" "PK-BALLER IS GETTING IMPATIENT." "GEODUDOO IS ALSO GETTING IMPATIENT. HE WANTS TO DESTROY POKEYBALLER NOW." "PK-BALLER WANTS TO FIGHT NOW." "VERY WELL. LET THE BATTLE BEGIN." And so, Geodudoo floated up to PK Ball and punched him. PK Ball was sent flying out of the caves and onto Route 5 (I think I got that right.) As he left, he shouted, "Looks like PK Ball's blasting off agaaaaaaaaaaaain..." and disappeared with a "ding". Geodudoo turned to the crowd. "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT? GO AWAY. GEODUDOO WILL DESTROY YOU LATER." TBC Well... good? Bad? Must have feedback!