From: Roland Le Good ( Subject: [PW!F] Poaching Christmas Newsgroups: Date: 2000-12-24 06:24:05 PST PW!F- Garryn Foyle. Poaching Christmas... Brian thought for a while. He did some quality thinking at night. Alot of people seem to underestimate thinking nowadays. Itıs very useful when you use it right. Brian had been using it wrong. Brian was a writer. Heıd published one book on wild Pokemon behaviour, the types of pokemon that never found men. Garryn was a poacher, as such he saw a side to pokemon few men found. Now a book about that was sure to publish. But Brian already didnıt like what he saw and heıd only seen Garryn doing two things involving pokemon. Garryn also thought alot. He had cold, calculating eyes and you knew he was openly thinking about you when you looked at each other. Now Garryn was prepared to give up his experiences, but Brian had to work for it. He had to become a poacher. Brian liked to think in the cold. If you think hard in the cold youıll get warmer. Brian was outside of Garrynıs cabin, sitting on the porch and Garryn chose this moment, at ten oı clock, to interrupt his thoughts. ³ Bri, cımon. Weıve got work tı do,² ³ What? You know what time it is?² ³ No, Iıve got no clocks in my house,² Garryn was carrying a large dufflebag, and a rifle too. ³ Whatıre we gonna do tonight then, Garryn?² ³ What day is it?² ³ Itıs the 23rd, the-² ³ Day before Christmas eve, yeah. Whatıs the perfect Christmas gift?² ³ A stripper?² Garryn laughed, but it was more a chuckle, and a forced one at that. ³ No. Pokemon. Can you think of anywhere that sells Pokemon?² Bri opened his mouth to speak but paused. ³ I dunno...² ³ Yeah, yıknow why? Iıll tell you; The League doesnıt like that happening. They have all kinds of regulations about it. Pokemon must be caught from the wild, or traded. Exchanging money for Pokemon is generally frowned upon by the league. I sell ?em anyway,² ³ So why do you have a rifle?² ³ Because I tranq the Pokemon. I can get twice the cash this way,² ³ Why not capture them? Why do you have the gun?² ³ This is the best part! A pal of mine owns a farm... near here actually. Pokemon love it. He hates ?em. I can shoot ?em down and he pays me for it, I can sell ?em on and make more cash,² Garryn grinned. ³ Huh? I donıt care about that! I want to know how to pokemon react to you, when you got out shooting them! And why do you shoot them?² ³ Pokemon get tired, guns donıt. You want to see how pokemon react to me? Come along,² Brian had to admire his directness. Garrynıs plan was quite simple. He wanted money. He also wanted to take Brian straight to hell and back again. Well Itıs not hell if you get away with it. The farm, Longoweıs vegetable farm, was big, it stretched over many acres. ³ Time to go to work,² Garryn handed Brian a rifle. ³ Move over the farm, shoot any pokemon you see,² Then Garryn went the other way, rifle in hand. Not exactly what Brian had in mind. Maybe itıd pay off though. He moved carefully through the cabbage and reached a small slope upwards, near the forests. Something was nibbling cabbage nearby. It was Rattata. Bri looked around the trees and behind him, for anyone who might be watching. When he looked back, though, the Rattata was being eaten by a Hoot Hoot. Bri winced and took aim, then stopped to check the ammo. It was a tranq. Then, with little hesitation he fired. He immediately looked away as the dart hit. The Hoot Hoot tried to fly but collapsed and began to snore as the tranq took effect. ³ Nice shot,² Garryn made his way across the cabbage. ³ Huh? Oh yeah,² ³ So, you can shoot ?em after all? Good, ?cos now it gets rough. You think youıre prepared to go further than making some owl go to sleep?² Bri thought. Thisıd make him big. Heıd do it. Despite what he thought, he was in for life. ³ Yeah, Iıll do it,² Now Garryn laughed. ³ Maybe you can do this. Cımon, Iım gonna sell these tomorrow,² ³ Huh? How many you got?² ³ Weıve been out half an hour! Iıve cleared the farm!² The two returned to their van and drove off. About ten minutes later a new car arrived. Out of this dark blue car climbed a tall girl, with long legs and blonde hair. She wore a tight fitting police uniform. For Longowe, the farmer, it was a dream come true. Well apart from the womanıs partner. A tall, broad shouldered cop. But that was all Longowe noted. ³ So, youıre sure they were here?² The woman asked the farmer. ³ Damn right, cleared all the pokemon out. Took off ten minutes ago,² He handed over some film. ³ Theseıll develop and prove it. But I want my cash, heıs a dear friend,² The cops looked at each and, sighing, handed over £25 each. ³ Ah well, good enough,² Longowe chuckled and waved as the cops got back in their car and drove off. ³ Forgive me Foyle, wherever you are,²