From: dataAndrew ( Subject: [PW!] Pokeman: Johto Journies Newsgroups: Date: 2000-10-15 17:45:03 PST RECAP: Pokeman met and joined ATR, but now he returns home to fight Brock. Pokeman flew on with his Beedrill. "OK, we'll go home, have some ramen soup, then battle Brock." "You sure he'll still be there?" "Why wouldn't he be, Nar?" "Well he wasn't there in the evening last time." "He'll be there... ok... right?" "This better not waste my time." "And what else does a Beedrill have to do?" "Soap operas." *PW! - Pokeman: Johto Journies.* Pokeman unlocked the door and entered. Narrator quickly went into the living room and turned on the TV. "Make us Shrimp flavor. OK, Pokeman?" Pokeman ignored his Pokeman and checked out the blinking answering machine. "*You have 8 messages.*" "Hi, it's Bob. You aren't in right now so I'll call back later. *click*" "Heh... I don't know any Bob," Pokeman thought to himself. "*Next message.* Bob again, call me back please soon. *click*" "It must be someone from ATR. Gee, they sure were nice people. I hope I can meet with them some other time." Suddenly, well like all phones they ring suddenly, the phone rang. "Hello? Is this umm... Bob?" "Bob? No Bob here. Is that you Pokeman?" "Ziggy, how are you!" "I'm doing fine. Anyways, I was wondering if you could visit me here." "Yeah, I haven't seen you since you moved... umm.. where did you move?" "Violet Town, it's over in Johto." "Oh OK... well... I'm gonna battle a gym leader here first, it may take awhile..." "We have one here, he uses flying Pokemon!" "Wow, really? OK, I'll find a map and walk there." "Cheapskate, you need a car." -- Andrew, Agent 0007