From: Roland Le Good ( Subject: [PW!] Racing time... Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/27 Dammit! He should have been more prepared, now Ilanna might die! All because of him! Caleb sat on the corner of a road thinking and swearing. If he had been able to protect Ilanna then she might be ok now. OK, think logically, where would Carver go? Saffron city! Carver was a sucker for clichés. Well, he had just under 2 weeks to get to Saffron from Pewter. Time to get going I guess, thought Caleb. Pewter was nice, but Caleb didn't want to stay an longer, not after what happened. He might need some Pokemon from Kivan before he left, could get into some fights on the way. He stopped off at Kivan's just outside Viridian. " Kivan? You home?" Caleb looked around, he saw some Pokeballs on a table with a note; " Dear Caleb, I thought you might need these, careful though, they aren't trained well. The three Pokemon are: Smaug the Dragonite. He's kind of a pacifist and doesn't take pleasure from fighting. Stone cold the Onix: He's a good fighter, but he's kind of nervous, especially of height and mirrors," Caleb sighed, these two sounded usless. Ilanna was doomed, he thought. He read on: " The last Pokemon is an Abra, named Snooze, he's very disobedient. Good luck Caleb!" Oh god, a wild Abra, an Onix with a fear of heights and a pacifist Dragonite, not exactly what he wanted. Time to go, he thought. Grabbing one of the many motorbikes from the garage he headed off towards MT.Moon. He watched all the trainers on his way to the mountain, maybe he should train them instead of bounty hunting? Whatever, maybe later. Caleb had never worked well under stress, and now he was more than slightly stressed. MT.Moon was always dark, so Caleb had brought a torch, but it was still kind of hard to drive a motorbike through a mountain. " Stone cold go!" The Onix was large and it lifted its head high to the ceiling of the cave. " WWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAA!" It roared and looked around. Slowly it looked down and realized how high it was. Caleb noticed its eyes actually widened and it began to sway. " Oh god no..." He sighed. " Just breath slowly, calm down now just lower yourself to the ground, that's it, slowly..." The Onix calmed down and sank to the floor. " Now Stone cold, can you burrow through the wall please? Going around will take too long," " Raaaa!" Stone cold made a small hole which Caleb drove through. On the way something caught his eye, a white glowing stone embedded in the rockside. " Hmmm," He picked up the moonstone. Maybe this'll be useful... He thought. Outside it was warm but Caleb saw grey clouds over Cerulean. Three guys on bikes drove up to him, all dressed in black leather. Caleb returned the Onix. " Hey dude, nice bike!" " Yeah I know..." Caleb smiled. " So...hand it over," Caleb stopped smiling. " And...err, what if I don't?" The three guys laughed. " We'll just kill you, I mean gawsh, what d'you expect? No-one'll see," " Look, I've had a bad day and this is just enough to piss me the f**k off," " Hand over yer bike!" " Hmm, nah," " Time to die then," Caleb shrugged, whatever. The leader rushed him on foot and swung at Caleb. Caleb stepped to one side and threw the biker into a tree. The second kicked Caleb in the leg and he fell to his knees. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the moonstone he lept up and hit the biker in the head with the rock. Not exactly what he meant to do with it but it worked. He axe kicked the last biker and looked back at the leader. He had pulled out a large knife and slashed Caleb's chest. " Smaug go!" The Dragonite should help. It stood there disgusted at the violence. Oh damn, it was a pacifist. " Drraaaa!" The biker jumped onto Caleb who rolled to one side. " Help! SMAUG!" " AAARRRR!" The biker punched Caleb but was then lifted into the air and thrown into the mountain side. The Dragonite that had thrown him away smiled at Caleb. " Maybe you're not so bad after all," Caleb smiled and they headed for Cerulean.