From: Marco262 ( Subject: [PW!] Rehearsal Newsgroups: Date: 2000/08/13 <I do not!> <Hey, admit it babe.> <I DO NOT!!> <You know it's true.> <JASON!!!!> "What Ella?" <Tell him I don't, like, look like a total popsicle!> "Popsicle? Hahaha!! That's a good one Rivet!" Jason clapped his hand together with the claw of his Charmeleon next to him. Jason laughed out loud into the evening of the forest clearing on the outskirts of Viridian. Rivet gave him a toothy grin, his eyes shining under the visor of his helicopter pilot's helmet. A Jynx stood across from them with her hands on her hips and death in her eyes. She dealt them both a Doubleslap and tossed her colorful, braided hair before storming off in a huff. Jason tried to surpress giggles from his spot on the floor, and Rivet was rubbing his jaw, still smiling. A Chansey looked up from a cooking pot it had been cooking a meal of macaroni in. <You know you shouldn't tease her like that Rivet. Now she won't be willing to sing for the concert.> Rivet smiled disarmingly at DJ and spread his arms wide. <Eeeeyyyyy! I was o'ny kiddin' with 'er!> <And you Jason,> Dj said, ignoring Rivet's comment, <Don't encourage him, or we'll never be able to start the concert.> Jason rubbed the back of his head with one hand and dug his toe into the dirt. "Yeah, you're right. We should be practicing anyways." Jason looked around the camp. Ella was nowhere in sight, but he was certain she'd be back in time for the concert. A Marowak was practicing on an electric drum set through headphones. DJ was cooking dinner, looking a little more irritated the before. Rivet was tuning his guitar and hooking it up to the speakers and amplifiers. "Hey, where's Wolfgang?" Jason wondered out loud. <I think you should ask Miami.> DJ said, pointing at the Marowak, who was taking off his headphones. Jason walked over to Miami. <Dude,> Miami said taking long pull from a bottle of Carbos resting on the snare drum, <That was an awesome rehearsal.> "Well, you'll have to get set up again. We're doing a practice session in 5. And where's Wolfgang?" Miami, who had been chugging away at his Carbos the whole time, threw down the empty bottle and reached into a cooler for another. "Oh, I put some salt in his tea, and he's in his pokéball sulking. What a wipeout." Jason turned his eyes skyward, as if looking for help. "Can't anyone in this band get along?" He walked over to a lightweight steel chest that all their instuments and belongings were kept in. He practically had to haul himself up on the edge of it to reach a duffel bag stashed inside. After a few moments of digging, he pulled a pokéball out and tossed it on the ground. In a flash of light, a Machamp appeared. He had both his arms crossed across his chest and was staring venomously at Miami. "Get your keyboards set up Wolfgang, we need to rehearse." Wolfgang just stuck his nose up in the air. <My boy, I cannot take it any longer. I refuse to work with that bloody Marowak. He's a threat to all things a chap can enjoy! He's a blooming ruffian!> "Come on, are you gonna let a little punk like that annoy you?" Jason asked, putting a hand on Wolfgang's shoulder. <I heard that!> yelled Miami faintly, from across the clearing. Jason ignored him. "What is it you're always saying? You're better than him, and you shouldn't have to acknowledge his behavior. You're the best keyboarder this country has ever known!" Wolfgang brightened up considerably at this. He stood up and walked toward the metal chest. <Well, I suppose someone has to keep order in this hogspen.> Jason gave a sigh of relief and reached into the duffel bag again. He pulled out another pokéball and threw it next to the chest. A magneton emerged, nearly twice the size of normal Magnetons, and was at least a foot higher than the chest. It beeped incomprehensively and closed it's eyes. DJ waddled over to Jason. <The sound system is all setup, I'll finish plugging the electrical system up to Gigawatt.> he said, motioning to the Magneton. Jason nodded and removed a mike stand and microphone from the chest. <Popsicle? Woah dude! That's awesome! Bwahahaha!!> Rivet had told Miami about his most recent encounter with Ella and the Marowak was rolling on the ground laughing. Jason walked over and clapped his hands at the two friends. "Alright you guys, let's get practicing. C'mon!" Ella marched into a the clearing and began cleaning the sax that was already set up for her. Seeing that everyone was ready, Jason signaled DJ to turn on the speakers. "Tubthumpin'. Andante, mezzo forte. 1...2...1, 2, 3, 4..." The sounds echoed off the trees and escaped into the dusk sky. Some trickled into the coty of Viridian, treating some to a preview of the upcoming concert, if they were willing to listen hard enough. TBC... (OOC: Yeah, there's some stuff I left out in the WG. I'll fix it next time I update it. Otherwise, what did y'all think? This is probably my most in depth character, and he strays from my normal strong, silent template.) -- -Marco262, Aspiring Regular