From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: [PW!] Return to Maiden's Peak Newsgroups: Date: 2000-08-18 19:38:06 PST Maiden's Peak. Infamous for its legend carved into stone, the town only really came to life during its annual festival. Eleven months out of the year, the main industry was preparing for tourists during the twelfth month. It clung to life in the off season only by nature of its being a minor travel hub. At the moment, the town was shaking off its proverbial morning drowziness. And Drake was trying to shake something similar from Mimic. "Hmm? Wha?" "I said, 'are you alright'?" Drake pointed to the cliff maiden. "You've been staring at the peak for the past hour without moving an inch. The ferry's almost ready to dock." "Mimic fine. Just..remembering..." "From the sound of your voice, the memories can't be good." "Ok, maybe Mimic not fine." He sighed. "Was here last year during festival. Met another ditto. Were...intimate up there." Drake glanced at the building on the peak. "You slept with her in there? I'd've worried about the house collapsing..." "Not sleep with, and not inside. More intimate - for her, at least - than anything possible for ditto, short of melding, and Mimic only know one ditto pair that love each other enough to do *that*." "I see..." Mimic sighed. "Was second time Mimic ever loved that way, and both time was loved for being something rather than for being Mimic. care about Mimic..." His voice sank to a whisper. "Even Mimic no care. No matter if Mimic lose self..." "Hey, hey, don't talk like that! I'm sure there's people who care about you. What about that girl you were with at first?" "Mimic no have heart to tell possible companions no longer exist, or at least never come back this timeline. May have been loved, but not now. Even former trainers no shed single tear if never hear Mimic again. And probably dead, wannabe notwithstanding..." "What about the ditto you were with?" "Not sure...scarred heart, like Mimic's. No sure if *can* love. In any case, Mimic lost track; no know where she could be right now." Drake frowned, not sure what more he could say. Still, at least Mimic's form of a cheap souveneir ripoff of the cliff statue made him easy to carry as the ferry docked. TBC?