From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Return to Maiden's Peak Newsgroups: Date: 2000-09-22 20:44:10 PST Continue wrote: > Adrian Tymes wrote: > > [So, the horde of visiting rattatas at my doorstep won't like it? *Now* > > you tell me. ^_^;;;] > > [Well, you could entertain them by stocking up on cans of aerosol spray cheese. The > ones who don't get enough can have fun rolling around the ones who stuffed > themselves. Either that or you could get some helium. They should have fun learning > Supersonic that way, or Fly if they try sucking on the nozzle too long. ;)] [So, helium is what you use to gameshark pokemon in reality? Duuude (geo) all makes sense now!] > [We now return you to your irregularly scheduled PW, already in progress...] [There's a schedule?] > Lanterns turned on and torches were beginning to be lit as the sunlight > faded. Seeing this, Drake commented "It?s probably a good idea to at > least find somewhere that we can sit down and keep from being > unintentionally trampled. I think we could spend some time between > now and the meeting later tonight seeing if Doppler will do anything else > right now. What do you think?" "We Are The Shorts Kid Prepare To Serve Us." "...Mimic think we maybe in trouble." Almost as quickly as the poker faced, shorts wearing trainers had appeared out of the shadows and surrounded the trio, Drake, Memuyo, and Mimic were standing back to back to back. Drake frowned when the kids remained unnaturally still. "Is it just me, or are these guys a little out of it?" Mimic shrugged. "Shorts Kid factory must be slipping quality standards." "Yeah, something like that." "No, really..." "Go Rattata." "Go Rattata." "Go Rattata." "Go Rattata." "Go Rattata." "Go Rattata." "Go Rattata." "Go Rattata." "Go Rattata." Drake waited for the rodents to materialize, then made a mean face, slowly turning to make eye contact with each one of his opponents. As one, all nine of them grew large eyes, and scurried away for their lives. Drake blinked. "First time I've seen a trainer's pokemon run away from the trainer in battle." "Like Mimic say, factory slipping quality. Even use defective poke balls." "Come on, they don't actually-" *BLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAM* Drake only saw the hyper beam eminating from his hand when it swept in front of him, neatly bisecting the Shorts Kids along their waistline, scattering robot parts everywhere. "Mimic never quite figure out who insane enough to keep buying them and setting them loose, but *someone* sure keep factory in business." "...right." Drake squinted at the smiley face on his hand, which was smiling with a twinkle less energy as it recharged. Deciding to delay said thoughts lest someone come to investigate a violation of the festival's no-battling policy, Drake strode off into the shadows which had produced the bots, shortly followed by Mimic. Memuyo followed after looting the pockets of the newly destroyed, picking up quite a few more coins. TBC?