From: Continue ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Return to Maiden's Peak Newsgroups: Date: 2000-09-06 20:19:30 PST Adrian Tymes wrote: >Which was why he saw the beige scyther bearing down on them in time >to dodge. The scyther slashed through where Drake just was, winding >up with one blade stuck in the ground. Drake quickly immobilized the >other arm with his tail. > >"I'm not in the mood for games right now." > >%My name is Inigo Montyhter. You killed my father. Prepare to die.% > >"Excuse me?" > >%My name is Inigo Montyhter. You killed my father. Prepare to die.% > >"Not possible. I've never killed a scyther." > >%You are the six-fingered dragonite, are you not?% > >"What? Oh, this." Drake pulled on Mimic's extra fingers, which came >off with a *pop*. "Gag gift." > >%Err...terribly sorry. My mistake.% > >Drake let his arm go, then hip-checked Inigo's back, pitching him onto >his face. "Don't let it happen again." He walked off, Memuyo close >behind, before Inigo could finish getting the dirt out of his mouth. Despite the momentary distraction, there were a couple of things that the Dragonite felt needed to be addressed. Since he probably couldn?t find a quick fix for Mimic?s problem, he decided to focus on the other. The nearest town inhabitant was a man who was finishing up the last minute preparations for the festival. He was balanced precariously on a ladder as he attempted to make sure that a banner he was hanging was properly secured. He didn?t seem to notice his poor balance, focusing more on making sure that the banner was positioned properly. Drake put a hand on the ladder to steady it, not wanting to have this person unable to answer him due to a fall caused by surprise. "I don?t suppose you know who I could talk to find out about what significance the figure on the cliff face has?" As expected, the ladder jerked as the man reacted to the sudden interruption. Drake still had more trouble than he expected keeping the ladder from tumbling over because the man on top of it appeared as if he was wearing a Snorlax costume. The problem was that he wasn?t wearing a costume, it was just his natural bulk. Without turning to look at the source of the question, the man hefted a hammer and spat back "I?m busy right now. This needs to be done yesterday and I?ve got more to do before the crowds show up. Bother someone else." Resisting the urge to toss the ladder (and the man with it) very far away wasn?t easy, but Drake decided it was easier not to do it in this case. Instead he flew up beside the man and grabbed several nails from the man?s toolbelt before taking the hammer from his hands. With three swift blows, three nails now securely held the banner in place. "Got a minute now?" Drake asked in a tone of contempt and condescension. The man?s plump and sweaty face registered shock for a second, his eyes going wide and his bushy eyebrows shooting up. They returned to normal after he grabbed onto the wall to keep from falling over. "Yeah, sure, thanks." A hairy forearm was used as the human equivalent to a windshield wiper for wiping away the sweat from the man?s large expanse of hairless forehead. "I?m not much of a storyteller, though. If you want to hear the whole story you?re going to want to go the temple shrine on top of the cliff. The priest always tells the legend when he brings out the painting. They?ll be doing that in a couple of hours to start the festival." An expression of impatient disgust registered on the Dragonite?s face. Drake crossed his arms in front of himself. "Thanks you so much for your great explanation." If the sarcasm in his voice has been any more tangible it would have been splattering into gooey puddles on the ground below. "Could you at least tell me the name of the woman who I met on the path up from the docks? She disappeared before I could ask her name." Now focusing on making sure that each foot was firmly planted on a rung as he took each step down, there was distraction in the man?s voice with his response. "I did hear that we were getting a lot of people coming by the ferry this time, but there wasn?t supposed to be anyone greeting them at the docks. Your story sounds a bit familiar, though. Did she have long purple hair?" Setting back down on the ground beside the waiting Memuyo, the Dragonite shook his head. "It was short and black actually." "Huh, maybe she?s not who I thought." The man pointed to the figure on the cliff face. "Didn?t look like her did she?" Another shake of the head preceded "If she looked like that I would?ve just figured that she owned the town and gone on to something else. She had more pinched features and she was wearing a kimono with a print of Cherry Blossom petals." The man grabbed the ladder and put it under one arm. "Doesn?t sound like anyone from around here. I was just thinking that you had seen the Maiden?s ghost, but I guess not. Maybe it was someone else that arrived for the festival earlier. I got some other things to do right now, but I hope you enjoy the festival." He waved as he lumbered off between a couple of booths and could be heard running down a checklist of the other things still left to be done. "What, no coupon for a free prize for helping out?" Drake muttered "They really make you feel welcome here. " The Dragon?s tone lightened up as he asked "Do either of you know something to do for a few hours until we can hear the story at that temple?" Memuyo shook its feline head in response, but Mimic didn?t even as much as wiggle his fingers (which would be his whole body at the moment) in response. Drake quickly remembered what Mimic had mentioned about his experience here and figured that his last question was probably not the best thing he could have said. The Dragon pokemon decided that some sort of distraction was the best course of action. "Why don?t we get something to eat, then?" A rising dust cloud suddenly marked the route between where Memuyo had been and the nearest restaurant. "I think ?Ol? Reliable? fits better than Memuyo." Drake mused. The meal was uneventful, short of Memuyo trying to point at everything on the menu when asked what it wanted and Mimic pointing out what he wanted without saying anything. Once Memuyo was actually capable of moving again after gorging itself, the trio made their way up to the temple on top of the cliff. As expected a crowd had gathered to see the painting and hear the priest tell the tale of the Maiden. Drake chose a spot at the rear of the crowd since no one was tall enough to block his view. The Dragonite placed Memuyo atop his head since the feline pokemon didn?t seem capable of getting up there under its own power at the moment. The hand which Mimic was situated upon was placed near the Dragon pokemon?s face in a thoughtful pose, giving Mimic a view if he so chose. The priest and his assistants were bringing the painting out when Drake heard someone step up beside him. He turned and saw the same beige Scyther that he had seen earlier. It looked up at him. "My name is Inigo Montyhter. You?" "I heard it already! Didn?t I explain this to you before?!" Drake rolled his eyes, but stopped in the middle of an exasperated sigh. "Hey, that Scyther wasn?t speaking in a human language before. Who are you, then?" When the Dragonite looked back down, he saw the Scyther walking behind his back. "Come back here after the festivities end this evening." The Dragon pokemon turned his head to the other side to see where the Scyther was headed off to, but it wasn?t there. He quickly looked up to see if it was flying off, but the skies were clear as well. "That?s twice, in one day. Now I know something strange is going on here." A voice from the Dragonite?s hand said "Ditto." Drake sweatdropped and muttered "Wise-ass." <TBC?>