From: Marco262 ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Return to Maiden's Peak Newsgroups: Date: 2000-09-07 21:55:51 PST Continue wrote: > The meal was uneventful, short of Memuyo trying to point at everything > on the menu when asked what it wanted and Mimic pointing out what he > wanted without saying anything. > > Once Memuyo was actually capable of moving again after gorging itself, > the trio made their way up to the temple on top of the cliff. As expected > a crowd had gathered to see the painting and hear the priest tell the tale > of the Maiden. Simeon was very interested in the goings on around the small shrine. He had asked around and, apparently, someone was going to show the people gathered around a painting. He would have passed it off as a nonsense display only for life-less art bufoons. But the size and variety of the crowd intrigued him, plus there was...something...else. The priest marched slowly out of the thatched shrine, reverently carrying a covered rectangle in front of him. Setting it on the stand, he turned towards the expectant crowds. Several expectant faces were staring directly at him, although the majority were turned to the painting. Lifting up his hands, the priest recited the annual script. Simeon stood spellbound. He felt the story held a deeper meaning for him, deeper than words could express. He pushed towards the front of the crowd between a gasping, greasy, teenager and a 40 year old lesbian. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the priest whipped of the covering of the painting with a practiced flourish. Simeon involuntarily sucked in his breath. Before his eyes was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her long, silky hair was portrayed in the monochrome painting that only made her gentle features so much more desirable. He longed to be next to her, and share his mind and listen to her dreams...He unconsciously stretched out his hands to touch the painting, but it was stopped by a gentle touch. He looked down at his hand, and saw a translucent finger hold him frozen in ectasy. His eyes wandered up the satin sleeve, and to the point where the sleeve joing with the painted arm of the maiden. Simeon looked up at the soft features of the maiden, and she winked at him. She held a finger to her delicate lips and pulled gently on his hand. Simeon felt his feet leave the ground and a sensation of flying came over him as he fell weightlessly into the painting toward his love. The crowd was completely absorbed in the beautiful painting, and no one even noticed the raven haired youth dissolve soundlessly into the ground. They were still gazing at the painting, waiting for anything unusual to break them out of their trance. TBC... (Ugh. A cheesy romance novel. Well, I've been wanting to get Simeon in this kind of situation before, and this was the best opportunity. Hold onto your hats; you're in for a surprise.)