From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Return to Maiden's Peak Newsgroups: Date: 2000-09-08 20:10:22 PST Continue wrote: > Adrian Tymes wrote: [a forgettably cheesy Princess Bride ref] > "I heard it already! Didn?t I explain this to you before?!" Drake rolled > his eyes, but stopped in the middle of an exasperated sigh. "Hey, that > Scyther wasn?t speaking in a human language before. Who are you, > then?" When the Dragonite looked back down, he saw the Scyther > walking behind his back. > > "Come back here after the festivities end this evening." > > The Dragon pokemon turned his head to the other side to see where the > Scyther was headed off to, but it wasn?t there. He quickly looked up to > see if it was flying off, but the skies were clear as well. > > "That?s twice, in one day. Now I know something strange is going on > here." > > A voice from the Dragonite?s hand said "Ditto." > > Drake sweatdropped and muttered "Wise-ass." "Mimic no currently have ass. Not look good here." Before Drake could respond, the priest ahemed for attention, then began his tale. Marco262 wrote: > The crowd was completely absorbed in the beautiful painting, and no one > even noticed the raven haired youth dissolve soundlessly into the ground. They > were still gazing at the painting, waiting for anything unusual to break them > out of their trance. Sans one, that is. #Mimic no think dissapearing boy part of script.# Drake was about to speak, then frowned. Mimic's voice was distinct from the priest's, almost as if in a different reality... #Telepathy. Mimic teach later, if want. For now, just think, and Mimic read.# That made Drake uncomfortable. Mimic was a friend, sure, but if he could just randomly read thoughts... #Promise no try. Need spend effort pick up more than surface anyway. Just doing this so no make noise, no interrupt priest's tale.# this?# #Drake got it.# #Ok. Now, what's this about a dissapearing boy?# #Drake missed it setting up. Boy gone now. But see empty spot in front of crowd? Boy sink through ground there.# #Mysteries upon mysteries...# #Pipe down back there! Some of us can't hear ourselves think!# Drake and Mimic flinched at the psychic yell, turning instinctively towards the direction it had come from. Scanning the crowd, Drake soon saw a familiar figure, albeit one that few had seen from the back before: Sabr- Drake and Mimic chose to spend the rest of the priest's story in complete silence, verbal and psychic, with no active assistance from a certain gym leader. TBC?