From: Continue ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Return to Maiden's Peak Newsgroups: Date: 2000-09-17 18:10:28 PST Adrian Tymes wrote: > Continue wrote: > > Adrian Tymes wrote: > > [a forgettably cheesy Princess Bride ref] OOC: Ehh, at least it was about one one of the parts of the movie that was cool enough to always make refs to. That makes it non-cheesy in my book. >#Mimic no think dissapearing boy part of script.# > >Drake was about to speak, then frowned. Mimic's voice was distinct >from the priest's, almost as if in a different reality... > >#Telepathy. Mimic teach later, if want. For now, just think, and Mimic >read.# > >That made Drake uncomfortable. Mimic was a friend, sure, but if he >could just randomly read thoughts... > >#Promise no try. Need spend effort pick up more than surface anyway. >Just doing this so no make noise, no interrupt priest's tale.# > > this?# > >#Drake got it.# > >#Ok. Now, what's this about a dissapearing boy?# > >#Drake missed it setting up. Boy gone now. But see empty spot in >front of crowd? Boy sink through ground there.# > >#Mysteries upon mysteries...# > >#Pipe down back there! Some of us can't hear ourselves think!# > >Drake and Mimic flinched at the psychic yell, turning instinctively >towards the direction it had come from. Scanning the crowd, Drake >soon saw a familiar figure, albeit one that few had seen from the back >before: Sabr- > >Drake and Mimic chose to spend the rest of the priest's story in >complete silence, verbal and psychic, with no active assistance from a >certain gym leader. At the end of the priest?s recitation, the crowd began to break up. Some lingered to look at the painting a little longer, others went back to the festival area where setup had been completed and the activities were starting, and still others simply explored the inside of the shrine a bit. Amidst all this, no one seemed to take notice of Sabrina, despite her reputation or appearance. Whether this was because the crowd was just distracted with their own interests or because she was doing something to effect this condition, only she knew. Regardless of the others in the dwindling crowd, she made her way towards the trio of pokemon that had been at the back of it. Drake quickly whipped his head from side to side to see if there might be anyone else in the area that Sabrina was approaching instead. Memuyo held on for dear life as it was still perched on top of the Dragonite?s head. Seeing no one else nearby, Drake assumed a more casual appearance. The fact that of what he had just done made this an obvious falsehood didn?t find a place among his thoughts. Memuyo leaped to the ground, deciding to give up the usual feline habit of staying on a high perch in favor of being able to sit someplace stable. Sabrina stopped advancing three feet in front of them. "Drake, Mimic." she intoned the names and nodded her head slightly with each one, giving no more than acknowledging their existence. She then began to look at the fake fingers on Drake?s hand. The sudden focus made both Drake and Mimic feel as uncomfortable as lab Rattata in trials for Typhoid drugs. Drake tried to break the uncomfortable silence. "So, what brings you he?" "Do you still think it was a good idea not to give the Missingno to me now, Mimic?" Sabrina?s interruption cut right through both pokemon?s mental defenses. Drake actually felt a stab of pain come from Mimic. "Would it have been so much worse off under my care? Was it really worth the losses suffered by you and your friends?" Sabrina?s arms hung at her sides and her tone remained flat and emotionless. Nothing was revealed of her own emotions or motivations. This made it even harder to concentrate on anything else as all there was to focus on were the words that she uttered. Drake had no idea what the gym leader was talking about. The Dragonite also could see no attack nor feel any psychic abilities at work. Even without any of these or as much as an accusatory or judgmental tone in Sabrina?s voice, he could tell when someone was being attacked, and this was definitely one of those times. Yellow bolts of electricity crackled down the length of the Dragon pokemon?s arm as he swung it to point directly at Sabrina?s face. "That?s enough!" he roared. Sabrina shifted her gaze to look at the limb now pointing at her menacingly. Her expression showed no sign of anger or concern, not shifting in the slightest in fact. Drake, however, suddenly had a thought penetrate his mind. The realization dawned on him of who exactly he was apparently about to electrocute. Despite his knowledge that he was facing one of the few beings that he had no hope of even causing harm to, he maintained his threatening appearance. The fake fingers flowed off of Drake?s other hand, becoming a replica of James of Team Rocket. This version would blend in with the crowds a little better as the clothing that he wore didn?t appear to be a Team Rocket uniform, or women?s clothing for that matter. "That not needed, Drake" Mimic?s voice did not hold the pain that had seemed to come from him before. Instead it was merely strong and calm. In response to it, the dragon pokemon lowered his arm and the electricity faded away. Mimic turned to face Sabrina as she stared at him. "Mimic still think did the best thing possible in that situation. Sabrina not act any differently from Vortex at that time. Holding Maria hostage certainly not make you seem to have any better intent than that Mew. Mimic still not sure about that from how act now, but sure that everyone be better off if Sabrina treat others better than has before." What was said seemed to have no effect on Sabrina at all, but she responded "You may be correct." There was a brief pause in the conversation as this wasn?t what either of the pokemon expected. It resumed when Drake asked "So, are you here for a reason other than throwing questions at Mimic?" The gym leader turned to look at the Dragonite "Actually, meeting the two of you wasn?t something that I had planned upon. I?m here as a favor to a friend of a friend. I was asked to meet them here after the end of this evening?s festivities." Without a word, Drake and Mimic exchanged glances. Mimic set the question to Sabrina "Anyone we might know?" Sabrina looked from one to the other before answering "Not that I?m aware of, but I don?t keep track of all of your acquaintances." Drake practically double-teamed her by pressing Mimic?s question from the other side "Why come here so early then?" "There has been no activity at my gym today. I thought I might occupy my time by attending the festival to see what enjoyment others seem to take in it. Is there anything else you would like to know?" Drake looked at Mimic, who shrugged in return. "Uh, guess not." "In that case, perhaps I?ll catch you later. There are quite a few people at the festival, but I don?t think it will be difficult for us to pick each other out." With this she again inclined her head to the pokemon, then walked off down the path leading from the shrine to the town below. When the psychic gym leader was far out of earshot, and sight, the trio of pokemon were still watching where they had last seen her, as if they would see her reappear at any moment. Drake finally said "She knows something that she?s not telling us." Mimic?s face had a bemused expression as he turned to the Dragon pokemon "What else new? Sabrina always know something that she not tell others. Should only be concerned about whether it something about us." All the Dragonite could do to respond was to nod. Another few seconds passed before he came up with "So, want to kill some time at the festival?" <TBC?> Jeff Hauser* *Sig Sold Seperately