From: Continue ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Return to Maiden's Peak Newsgroups: Date: 2000-09-19 19:21:30 PST Adrian Tymes wrote: > Continue wrote: > > Adrian Tymes wrote: > > > Continue wrote: > > > > Adrian Tymes wrote: > > > > > > [a forgettably cheesy Princess Bride ref] > > > > OOC: Ehh, at least it was about one one of the parts of the movie that was cool > > enough to always make refs to. That makes it non-cheesy in my book. > > [So, the horde of visiting rattatas at my doorstep won't like it? *Now* > you tell me. ^_^;;;] [Well, you could entertain them by stocking up on cans of aerosol spray cheese. The ones who don't get enough can have fun rolling around the ones who stuffed themselves. Either that or you could get some helium. They should have fun learning Supersonic that way, or Fly if they try sucking on the nozzle too long. ;)] [We now return you to your irregularly scheduled PW, already in progress...] >Brock glanced at his hand. "Great. It's up to its tricks again." With >a little effort, he pulled off what at first appeared to be a lump of >fake skin, then gelled into an extremely pleased tiny ditto. "Just >before it dissapeared on me, it jumped into a blue flash. Oak was with >me at the time; he thought it was a time portal, until I found this >pokemon again a few days later. Come to think of it, maybe it was a >time portal, just a few days ahead...but Oak thought for sure it lead >several years into the past..." > >#Drake...Mimic not sure how or why, but *that* Doppler! Mimic sure >of it!# > >Drake frowned, apparently just examining the ditto. #Isn't Doppler >dead? Impostors notwithstanding.# > >#Mimic no believe brother die. This...fragment, have Doppler >memories and personality. Traumatized, so no longer is independent >entity, but have all knowledge brother did.# #Is it possible to, I dunno, reform him?# #Reform? Dittos reform themselves all the time.# Drake sweatdropped. #You know what I meant!# Mimic sighed inwardly. #It possible, but won?t be easy. Also have to consider if doing so make us any better than those that made Doppler way he was before.# #We?ll consider that later. For now, I think we should at least maintain the illusion that we?re going to deliver him to where he needs to go. Everyone will probably be safer that way.# Drake finally appeared to end his examination. "Okay, it looks like this one is for free." The Dragonite carefully scooped the tiny blob out of the gym leader?s hands. Brock sighed in relief "Why don?t I at least send you a copy of my new book when it comes out?" "New book? About what?" Mimic asked letting his curiousity overrule the part of him that believed this might be something he didn?t want to know. "I?m thinking of calling it ?The Joys of Pokemon Island?," A pair of hearts replaced the lines that normally served as placeholders for where others had eyes. "It?s going to have interviews and pictures of all the Nurse Joys out there. I just need to get the time to travel to the Orange Islands so I can track down the traveling Joy that Ash told me about." Both Mimic and Drake sweatdropped. #You do see what I mean about everyone being safer this way, don?t you? I don?t think we need a giant version of something out of ?Urotsukidoji? ravaging Celadon City.# Mimic shot back #Who knows, could be fun.# while covering with a slightly uncomfortably pronounced "Sounds?great." Brock was swept up in his own enthusiasm for his project too much to notice Mimic?s tone. He produced a camera from nowhere, followed quickly by several attachments. "I was going to get a few shots here. I heard that the local Joy was going to debut a new kimono at the end of the evening and a few of her relatives were showing up as well. Have you run into any of them?" Drake shook his head. "No, but we did see a few Jennys a short while ago?" "Went that way." Mimic finished up pointing in the direction that the trio of Jennys had hauled off the bigoted booth owner. "Thanks a lot!" Brock took off running. "I was hoping that it would be a recipe book, but I guess he can?t short- change his other businesses." The Dragonite looked at Doppler again but found only a pair of bright eyes and a smile on his hand where the Ditto had been. "Is he going to do that all the time?" Mimic shrugged "Maybe, not sure exactly what Doppler taking cues from now." Lanterns turned on and torches were beginning to be lit as the sunlight faded. Seeing this, Drake commented "It?s probably a good idea to at least find somewhere that we can sit down and keep from being unintentionally trampled. I think we could spend some time between now and the meeting later tonight seeing if Doppler will do anything else right now. What do you think?" <TBC?> Jeff Hauser* *Sig Sold Seperately